Craft Room Tour: Dinah at DIY Inspired

Dinah from DIY Inspired gives us a tour of her bright and colorful craft room today! Its gorgeous! Enjoy! – Linda

Dinah Wulf DIY Inspired

DIY Inspired Craft Room Tour

Hi! I’m Dinah, SoCal Craft and DIY Blogger. Writing and getting creative is my passion and feel fortunate to do it every single day. Over the last few years I have created and published over a thousand craft and DIY tutorials on my blog DIY Inspired, in magazines, and some pretty fantastic websites. Needless to say this craft room is not only a place of inspiration but my sanctuary!
Dinah DIY Inspired Craft Room (1)
This is my craft room. I love the natural light that comes in from the balcony. That’s always a plus when taking pictures.
Dinah DIY Inspired Craft Room (2)
It’s always changing and getting organized. I am constantly moving and reorganizing all my supplies.
Dinah DIY Inspired Craft Room (3)
The legs of my craft table have handy dandy shelves where I keep some of my spray paint, and boxes with hardware, paper supplies, adhesives, etc.
Dinah DIY Inspired Craft Room (4)
This is the view from the other side. My craft table takes up most of the room.
Dinah DIY Inspired Craft Room (5)
This table is everything! It’s not always this clean. On any given day, it will be covered with my projects of the week.
Dinah DIY Inspired Craft Room (6)
I had to give a little oomph to these plain white drawers so I covered them with some old maps I had and changed the knobs. Here’s my recycled map drawer tutorial.
Dinah DIY Inspired Craft Room (7)
I hung this magnetic board on the side of my shelving unit and added magnets to small plastic containers to hold small jewelry notions, paper lips, pins and beads to make them easily accessible.
Dinah DIY Inspired Craft Room (8)
I turned my daughter’s crib spring into some repurposed craft storage because a) I have a ton of supplies, and b) I had a hard time letting go of the crib (she’s growing up WAY too fast)!
Dinah DIY Inspired Craft Room (9)
This is a kitchen cart that holds my sewing machine (which I seldom use) and fabric.

Hope you enjoyed this tour! I love her space and how she organized everything! Find more craft room tours to inspire you here!

Bright and Colorful Craft Room Tour | Craftaholics Anonymous®

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  1. 1
    jay chak

    Thank you so much sharing this post .I liked very much about the way this craft room was done ,it sure gave me more inspiration about how to do my own .

  2. 2

    I love Dinah’s craft room. Can you please tell me where you got the craft table from. I’m looking for a sturdy craft table for my 8 year old daughter and myself to share.

  3. 3

    Can you tell me what kind of hardware you use to hang the baskets/cups on the repurposed craft storage? Cant wait to get this up in my office!

  4. 4
    Donna Henderson

    How did you hang your baskets. I really love this idea I’m doing it as of today

  5. 5

    If you don’t mind please send me the instructions on how you hung everything I sure would appreciate it thank you. I would like to know asap. Thank you again