Chinese Chicken Salad Recipe

chinese chicken salad

Hey everyone! It’s Brandy again. Today I’m here to share my favorite lunch with you. It’s easy for me to forget about lunch with taking care of my toddler, running errands or ahem, working on a craft project. We’re all craftaholics here, right? So when I get hungry, I just grab whatever leftovers are in the refrigerator or a quick snack, not always the best choice. This Chinese Chicken Salad recipe is super quick to throw together and makes me feel like I treated myself to a lunch date…at home. I absolutely love salads in general and could eat them every day! Unfortunately, I am the only one in my family who likes fun salads like this. My husband and kids like green salads and fruit salads, but when it comes to potato, pasta or Chinese salads, I’m on my own. That’s ok though, because this recipe is great for a huge crowd or just a party of one.

I love salads that have texture and crunch. This one has that, along with a to die for dressing which is really what makes the salad so great.

Chinese Chicken Salad Recipe

chinese chicken salad

To make a quick salad for lunch you will need:

  • coleslaw mix (shredded cabbage and carrots)
  • small handful of cilantro
  • sesame sticks, toasted almonds and dried chow mein noodles
  • chicken, cooked and diced {rotisserie chicken works great!}
  • Chinese Chicken Salad dressing

chinese chicken salad recipe

The dressing is Girard’s: Chinese Chicken Salad. I’ve made my own before, but this stuff is so much better than anything I’ve made and you can find it at many grocery stores. It’s really the key to this recipe.

Chinese Chicken Salad

Start with a base of coleslaw mix. I’m not a coleslaw fan, but I usually have a bag of this in the refrigerator for this salad and to add to green salads.

easy chinese chicken salad

Add some chicken. Leftover rotisserie chicken works great! Sprinkle with cilantro.

 chinese chicken salad recipe

Sprinkle with your favorite crunchy mix-ins. You can add these separately or find a bag of them mixed at the grocery store. I found my Asian Sesame Salad Accents in the salad dressing/condiments aisle at my local grocery store for a couple of bucks. I love it.

Chinese Chicken Salad

Lightly drizzle with dressing.

chinese Chicken Salad recipe

And there you have it. Coleslaw mix keeps for awhile in the refrigerator, so with that and a bottle of dressing, you’ll be set for quick lunches for a long time!

This recipe is easy to adjust for a crowd. Just add ingredients to your liking, but don’t add the dressing until right before serving. This keeps your salad nice and crunchy. Leftovers are great the next day, but will tend to get a bit soggy after that.

Another one of my favorite salads is my pasta salad. I make a batch and have it for lunch for a week!

What is your favorite salad? Have you made a Chinese Chicken Salad before? I’ve love to hear in the comments below!

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  1. 1

    this sounds wonderful (and easy!) i have had no luck finding the salad dressing you mentioned. i contacted 3 different stores in my area and no luck! any suggestions???

  2. 2
    Tammy Schick

    GREAT IDEA! I have leftover chicken all the time and end up with just mundane chicken sliced on top of some lettuce. (wah-wah) This totally kicks it up a notch and makes it special. Thank you for sharing.