belt napkin rings TUTORIAL

How to Make Napkin Rings from a Belt

DIY napkin rings

taking an old belt and turning it into a set of napkin rings is super easy! here’s how i did it. {i’m using a different belt for the tutorial. i forgot to take pics when i made the flower napkin rings. oops!}
  • scissors
  • belt {look for thin belts, no thicker than 3/16″}
  • 3/16″ eyelets {2 per ring}
  • crop-a-dile or eyelet setter and 3/16″ hole punch
  • strong glue {i used gorilla glue}
cut your belt into 5″ sections. out of the 3 sets i made, i average 5 napkin rings from each belt. it depends on how long your belt is as to how many you’ll get.
wrap 5″ sections around into a ring and overlap edges by about 1/4″. punch a 3/16″ hole through both layers. i punched one layer at a time, then lined up and punched the second layer.
use your eyelet setter and set a 3/16″ eyelet in the hole. make sure eyelet goes all the way through.
punch holes on the other side.
and set your other eyelet.
notice that lip? to make that stay down, i used a dab of gorilla glue
and used a hair clip to hold it in place over night.
this is the set i made with this faux ostrich belt. now weren’t those easy? i found several cheap belts at the thrift store and made several sets. super cheap and very chic!

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  1. 1

    When my oldest daughter was born, my dad bought her this pink and white rocking chair. It was passed on to my middle daughter and now I want to pass it to my son. I am in the middle of doing it now..I am painting it black with white polka dots and on the back of the chair I bought small wooden letters that I painted blue that spell his name, BEN. I hope he likes it.. Its so nice to see all 3 kids get to use something so special from my dad.

    Tasha at

  2. 2
    Kelli @ RTSM

    Those are SUPER cute! I just bought a cropodile about a month ago and I have been looking for projects to use it on! Thanks for the great idea!

  3. 3
    Meagan Barrow

    Those are too cute! My favorite thing to repurpose is picture frames. I think you can do so many amazing things with them. For Christmas alone I made everyone of the lovely ladies in my family something different but all with picture frames. They are cheap and have so many possibilities :)

  4. 4

    I love to repurpose frames…I am working on one right now that used to be a cork board and I turned it into a chalk board and am "pretty-ing" it! :)

  5. 5

    Cute idea!!! I love repurposing old furniture into new pieces of furniture! I just bought a coffee table that is made out of an old window and a shelf that is made out of an old door. They don't make stuff like they used to!!

  6. 6

    Very cute. I have saved several old belt for crafting–now I know what to do with some of them.

    Right now I am intrigued with jewelry made from repurposed computer parts and hardware.

  7. 7
    Sherri @ Design2Shine

    I used toilet paper rolls for napkin rings! Old shutters as wall art. A jar and candle votive to make my own cloche! Old window frame for wall art also. I love repurposing!
    And your napkins rings are adorable.

  8. 8

    What a smart idea. One of the quickest and easiest repurposing things I've done is create an earring holder out of a plastic cross stitch screen. Wrapped some cute ribbon around the upper corners and hung it up on the wall. Worked great and was a nice way to display my earrings as well.

  9. 9
    all thingz related

    Awesome idea! Our local thrift store has tons of belts! Think I might pick a couple up the next time I go ;)

  10. 11
    Mary Lou Rutledge

    In the 70s we used toilet paper rolls and wrapped them in yarn. I think the leather belt is a much better idea!
    Will try it soon.
    Thanks for showing us how

  11. 12

    Love it! I love to repurpose clothes- almost every ugly article of clothing has potential to be something unique and beautiful with a little modification! I love your use of zippers, too. :)

  12. 13
    Jami Schoettler

    I love to repurpose clothes. Well, maybe not so much repurpose, but reinvent! I made my son a hat and pants out of a "vintage" jacket that I bought from the dollar store. I looked on my receipt and they called all the jackets I bought vintage clothes. Hahaha at the Dollar Tree. Great stuff. Here's the outfit I made out of the jacket. -Jami

  13. 14

    I MUST make these! So, soooo cute! Love it! Thanks for the tutorial!

  14. 15

    Great idea and they look super!!

  15. 16
    Two Shades of Pink

    Love this! I had wondered how you closed them. I just posted a napkin ring tute I did and made them from dollar tree hair curlers!!! Seriously. They actually turned out cute.

  16. 17

    Maybe I should start using napkin rings, there are always such cute ideas for them!!

  17. 18
    Katie's Nesting Spot

    Very cute and a great way to reuse something you're done with.

  18. 19

    I think the napkin rings out of the belt is such a great idea, and I have the prefect belt to do it from. I am not very good a re-purposing things, but my latest was a pair of old jeans into a jean skirt for my 1 year old and one for me.

  19. 20
    Kelly, Carrie, Kylie and Zachary

    Cute idea! I am just getting into the crafting so I would say the only thing that I have really repurposed is turning my daughters old pants into shorts for her to run around in in the summer time.

  20. 21
    Kristen Andrews

    very very cute!

  21. 22

    You have the best ideas. I will be adding your site to my blog role.

  22. 23
    Michelle @ Sweet Something

    These are awesome Linda! Thanks for sharing!

  23. 24

    Thank you so much for the tutorial!

  24. 25

    Something I have just tried and had a great time doing is repurposing old tank tops. I had a few that I didn't wear that were still pretty new and I turned them into "beach bags".
    I just stitch around the hem of the tank and then pull the thread (I use a thick quilting thread) to gather the bottom as tight as possible. Tie the ends together (double knot) on the inside of the tank. Then decorate the outside with different trims and appliques. I do normally put an appliques on the bottom of the bag as well just to seal it. (The arm whole are your handles.) Super quick and easy.

  25. 26
    The Amoah-Boadi Family

    now i need to go find a belt to make these! very cute!
    Something i do is a take old hardcover books and make them into journals..take off the spine , cut paper to size and use clamps to secure the book front and back with the paper and drill holes on the side. add binder clips and viola! you have a upcycled unique journal! :)
    thanks for your awesome blog!

  26. 27

    I pick up belts @ thrift stores to use as bag/purse straps . . . this is a most excellent idea. Will be using soon. Thanks =)