April Craft Kits: Mason Jar Flower Lids!

Hey hey! Happy Wednesday! April Craft Kits are here…..

DIY flower lidsDIY Mason Jar Flower Lids! Included in the kit is 5 rings, 5 lids, and wire. All you’ll need to complete the flower frogs is wire cutters and super glue {ex: E6000}.

They are super easy to make. But just in case you don’t want to run out and buy supplies, I decided to make them into kits. These lids turn any jar into an easy-to-arrange flower vase.

mason jar flower lid

The wire in the lids hold them in place.

Pair them with a blue stained mason jar and you have a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift!

Or wedding gift. Or Teacher Gift. Or Gift for You.

Tutorial to make Mason Jar Flower Lids.

Tutorial for Blue Tinted Mason Jars.

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  1. 2

    These are really a fabulous idea. I’ve always loved the simplicity of flowers in a mason jar and these lids make the bouquet so much better! Love that you’ve made the tutorial available and also the lids available to buy!

    1. 2.1

      Thanks, Suzanne! Can’t go wrong with mason jars + flowers! such a great combo. I’m glad you stopped by today :)
      happy crafting,

  2. 3

    How do I order/pay for a kit?

    1. 3.1

      Hi Tracy,
      Do you see the “Add to Cart” buttons in the post? {they load a little slower than the rest of the post} If its easier, I can send over a paypal invoice.

  3. 4

    Love this! I just ordered a 10 pack for a craft night I am hosting on the 26th….will they be in by then? I know you said they will be in by Mother’s Day but I didn’t see any other shipping dates! Thanks!

    1. 4.1

      Hi Katie,
      Thanks for the order! Yes, you should have them before the 26th. They’ll be perfect for a craft night!

  4. 5

    Thanks for the inspiration Linda, just ordered a set, I’m giving them on blue jars for mother’s day! Great idea!

  5. 6

    where can I order? There is no button to click on. Thanks!

  6. 7

    Hey Linda – can you send me a paypal invoice for 10 of them? The shopping cart button isn’t working for some reason… Thanks so much!!

  7. 8
    Denise Aboushoushah

    These would make great scissor frogs to. Instead of flowers put scissors and no water lol