34 Cool Crafts for Boys

Looking for cool crafts for boys? Well, you’re not alone! Kathyayini asked:

“Do you or anyone have craft ideas to teach 10 to 14 year old boys? Please share your ideas.”

on our facebook page and this thread was a hot topic! Lots of great ideas to keep your boys busy this summer {or any time of the year, for that matter!} As a mother of 2 rowdy boys myself, I am loving the fab crafts for boys that were shared… and I know you will too!

Crafts for Boys

crafts for boys
images from Glorious Treats, Craft Blog, and Creative Jewish Mom

1. “My 8 yr old boy loves paper cutting. It’s what I do for a living so he’s taken to it well. Boys can be difficult to do crafting with but this I think is a good one.” – Chrissy B.
2. “Mine are almost 8 & 10, they do scrapbooking, cardmaking, drawing, painting, they want to knit (my aunt’s domain I’d kill them I think lol), my aunt has taught them to hand stitch around circles of fabric to make YoYo flowers which are going to be made into headbands for the eldest little girlfriend, I know my brother at that age made his own chess/checkers board out of matchsticks and wood and both mine love making things out of wood.” – Jacqueline T.
3. “Survivalist Bracelets from paracord. There are several YouTube videos.” – Jami C.
4. “I was a cub scout leader for years, that is exactly what came to mind to me as well. They have books for that. http://bookivoremidwest.blogspot.com/2010/12/strange-case-of-origami-yoda.html, lashing, making walking sticks, tool carriers are all good crafting ideas for boys.” – Shelby O.

DIY Catapult Craft from All for the Boys

5.  “Mini Marshmallow shooters out of PVC pipe!” – Devon C.
6. “Duct tape wallets.” – Carol D.
7. “Wood carving – or at least sanding & waxing!” – Lindsay H.
8. “Fabric camo video controller holders?” – Annemarie C.
9. “Try to find some old boy scout books. There should be some great practical skill crafts in them. Making anything from rope should work. Right now I’m trying to interest my 13 yr. Old in carving crochet hooks for my shop.” – Kimberly S.
10. “Fishing lures.” – Valerie V.
11. “My son made me a a very simple birdhouse at about that age. He is now 23 and it’s still in my backyard.” – Janet T.
12. “Model cars and rockets. You can get them at craft stores and hobby shops. Also boys can sew or do beginning wood working.” – Bradey M.
13. “We made three crafts that tween aged boys really enjoyed more than I would have guessed at the library summer reading club: god’s eyes made from collected twigs and yarn, dream catchers and string art sculpture with tacks and crochet thread. I always tossed trivia questions in as they worked so they were engaged and participating and they really seemed to enjoy it. Hope this helps. Enjoy!” – Karen N.
14. “Here’s the problem: we separate boys from girls. A craft is a craft, a crafter is a crafter. We don’t introduce crafting to boys when their young so when their older they think its for girls.” – LuAnn M.
15. “Anything steampunk inspired from tags, to a canvas using stains, all the cool balloon, boat and train type stamps, cogs and gears, on a pencil box or anything they can use.” – Amanda M.

Rockin’ Robots from Crafts n Coffee

More Crafts for Boys

16. “They are old enough to start building furniture. Check out Ana-White.com. She has free plans for any skill level. They could carve their own rubber stamps or learn how to screen print shirts!” – Alicia C.
17. “I think is more about the product than the process. They should make something they would want to use or give as a gift. If they are excited about the product then the process will fall into place. They could make duct tape wallets or screen print tee shirts or make a fountain or make books or wood burn a picture on a box or make chain mail or design a car or build a model house, car plane or make a sprinkler or build a frame. Check out Make magazine. Tons of ideas in there both simple and complex.” – Danielle W.
18. “I was a cub scout leader when my sons were younger. We always tried to come up with more challenging projects as the boys got older. Here are some that we did: tie-dyed T-Shirts, made simple tool boxes out of wood, ice cream in zip lock bags, flubber, shrinky dink keychains, and a journal titled “A Book About Me”, to name a few.” – Debbie K.
19. “What about leather stamping? Or metal stamping? He could make some keychains for gifts.” – Ashlee K.
20. “You could teach them some Macrame projects.” – Renee G.
21. “My 14 year old son loves to make hats on his Knifty Knitter. He makes them in NFL colors for himself an his friends. He has been into this for a few years now. It is very easy to learn.” – Sarah P.
22. “Kidspot.com has lots of ideas for craft projects. Papermache is always fun. Making robots or monsters out of recycled boxes, bottles etc. The website has lots of really good ideas.” – Rhiannon S.
23. “Skip the crafting and go Geocaching! All kind of websites for that.” – Anna W.
24. “Leather braiding or stamping is a great ‘guy’ thing and they love it.” – Donna R.
25. “My son loved origami at that age!” – Denise M.
26. “There’s a guitar pick punch you can buy and then decorate the picks with rubber stamps.” – Denise M.
27. “No-sew fleece blankets, there are many books on duct tape crafts, collage and other paper crafts. These are my 11 year old son’s favorite things to make!” – Angie R.
28. “My first thought was duct tape wallets. You could also have them learn duct tape roses, wont be long before Mother’s Day will be here.” – Staci R.
29. “Perler or Melty Beads! there are even books and websites!” – Kandace C.
30. “Make a whistle from a birch tree branch.” – Teri P.

Image from Bookivore

31. “Origami. Boys love origami. Girls too. And yes, at that age they really do. I teach it to my students at school. Here is a great resource link with patterns and tutorials. And don’t forget about paper airplanes. Boys love those too.” – Jean B.
32. “If sewing is an option they can make pet blankets for your local animal shelter. You can google search for measurements.” – Pat S.
33. “Take a piece of wood, hammer nails into it in whatever pattern they would like and wrap or weave yarn around it in different colors. I have done this with both boys and girls and it is a big hit. They make crosses, stars, rainbows, light sabers, and everything in between. You can get scrap wood from Home Depot and Lowe’s for free! Good luck!!” – Rachel O.
34. “Make God’s Eyes, craft a kite, simple electric or electronic kit, crochet (seriously!), bird houses, frame a mirror or make,stain, and varnish a photo frame.” – Rassleberry Rose

I’m so glad you stopped by today! I hope you found some inspiration for crafts for boys. If you enjoyed this post, PLEASE share it!

What are some fun crafts for boys you have done?

happy crafting,


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  1. 1

    Oh my gosh — thank you for featuring the Rockin’ Robots from Crafts ‘n Coffee! What a fabulous round up — crafts for boys are always so hard. Why is that? Sharon

  2. 2
    Mindy Hammond

    I only have boys and they’ve been crafting since they were able to. We’ve done a lot of different projects over the years. My favorite was when they planned & picked out scrap wood (from Grandma’s home project) to create their own Perry the platypus. We supervised so nobody was injured with hammer and nails. They painted it when they were done and it now sits in a place of honor in one of their rooms. Boys are creative souls too!

  3. 3

    Thanks for this! You so rarely see crafts with a boy focus and I have two of them (1 and 3 years!) :)

  4. 4

    Look at madebyjoel.com – lots of cool things on there! We also like superhero paper toys… printable templates that you fold into 3d superheroes! So much fun!

  5. 5

    This is such a great list, thank you!

  6. 6

    Thank you Thank you Thank you for this post!! I love all the ideas. I am also a mother of two toddlers and am always looking for more ways to keep them busy. :)


  7. 7

    It would be nice if there were links and photos for a lot of these. I don’t know what some of these are or would need instructions. I have an 8 year old that I have a hard time finding things he would like to do.