10 Tips to an Oragnized Kitchen

Hi friends! Today I’m sharing a few quick and easy tips to getting an organized kitchen…. because let’s face it, kitchens can get kind of crazy in a fraction of a second! (Or is it just mine??) I know it is always a daily struggle to keep my kitchen clean, organized, and functional, all at the same time.

So I put together a few tips and tricks that can help you achieve a more organized kitchen.

10 Tips to an Organized Kitchen

organization tips

  1. Hang up kitchen utensils and other kitchen essentials to utilize vertical space in your kitchen. Back splashes and backs of doors are perfect for this!
  2. Store items that are most frequently used in easily accessible places.
  3. Put children’s dishes and utensils at a level where they can reach them. That way they aren’t dragging chairs and stools into the kitchen to get a water cup.
  4. Group similar items together. For example, stack your bowls inside of each other to take up less shelf space and make them easier to find.
  5. Use labels whenever you can. This is especially useful in the pantry!

    chalkboard labels

  6. Keep the lids on your plastic containers or organized by size in one place. This prevents a scavenger hunt for a lid when putting leftovers away after dinner.
  7. Use drawer dividers to separate items within a drawer. You can also use small empty food containers for this. (Put all those baby food jars to good use!)
  8. Install under cabinet lighting. This is a simple update that will add more light to not only your kitchen counter tops, but also to your kitchen and will make it feel less cluttered.
  9. Use baskets to contain and organize odds and ends. You can tuck them into shelves, cabinets, or leave them in plain sight for a great look.
  10. Store your cooking essentials, like olive oil, salt, garlic, etc, near your stove top so that you can access them quickly while cooking.

Hope you enjoyed these simple tips and put them to use! I always like the motto: Everything has a place and everything in its place. Now to tackle my own kitchen!!

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  1. 51

    I gave away all those things I don’;t really use (simplified/decluttered) and I make myself clean up as I go, wash the dishes I’m using, put ingredients away as soon as I use them, etc. It makes it so much simpler.

  2. 52

    I re-arranged my cabinets so it is easier to empty the dishwasher, originally the plates and bowls were above the dishwasher, so we had to touch them twice every time we emptied the dishwasher, first put them on the counter since we couldn’t reach the cabinets with the dishwasher door open and then again to put them in the cabinet. The new arrangement allows us to put them directly into the cabinet, best move I could have made for a more efficient kitchen.

  3. 53

    I created a shelf behind my stove, attached to the back splash. I keep all my essentials within arms reach.. all my spices and oils.

  4. 54

    I used Command adhesive cup hooks to hang my dry measuring cups and measuring spoons on the inside of a cabinet door above my main kitchen workspace beside the stove. I LOVE it!

  5. 55
    Corinne Barnhill

    I use baskets to organize. I have a big rectangular basket and i keep my dish towels on the counter. I roll them up and stand them up in the basket The are handy and pretty to look at.

    1. 55.1

      I love that idea, Corinne! Just might have to steal that one! Thanks for stopping by!
      happy crafting,

  6. 56
    Michelle AP

    All of my staples/dry goods, rice, beans, baking ingredients are all in Tupperware Modular Mates. All are labeled as well. Hand washing dish soap is in a pretty bottle with a bar type pour spout and handy on the counter.

  7. 58
    Pamela johnson

    Great tips! I just bought some black contact paper to make my own chalkboard labels. I think it will help the husband cook Sunday breakfast a little faster!

  8. 59

    I have extra plastic bags under the current one that is in the garbage pail. When I remove the garbage bag there are a few underneath. No need to constantly go looking for the big box of bags I store in the garage. One is waiting below the bag being tossed!!! Time save – not much, but I’ll take every second I can get.

  9. 60

    I try to go through my drawers every few months and donate any utensils I haven’t been using. They just seem to multiply when left alone.

  10. 61
    jodi a

    I clean out and organize my pantry once a month to make sure I have all the staples available

  11. 62

    I bought clear containers for snacks, baking goods, cereal, pasta, etc. Its easy to see what I have and when I’m running low!

  12. 63
    Kim Olea

    I think the smartest thing I do in the kitchen is to keep it picked up as I go. That way there isn’t any overwhelming mess to tend to at any time!

  13. 64
    SS Sews

    I keep my flatware in an organizer on the counter top – easy for guests to grab (and for help put away!)

  14. 65

    I keep it smart in the kitchen by recycling jars into food canisters.

  15. 66

    I love the hanging rails on my back splash for the tools I use all the time.

  16. 67
    Tiffany Galvez

    I bought bins that hold my spices, herbs, etc. and separated them ino to the correct labeled bin. Also, I like to put a sticker on top of those spices and label what it is on the lid, then I don’t have to look through all the containers that look the same to find what I’m looking for!

  17. 68
    Lindsay F

    I keep regular cooking items in the cabinet next to the stove. I also keep a box of “quick snacks” in and easy to reach cabinet for the times when I need to run out the door.

  18. 69
    Heather Zeh

    I keep all the kid stuff easily accesible and at eye level

  19. 71
    Denise Cook

    My kitchen is extremely small and I have almost no counter space. I keep one of those plastic wheeled drawer/storage units (like sterilite) next to my work area. I keep utensils, gadgets and other items in the drawers and the top can serve as a work/prep area or small appliance (blender, chopper) station. When I need it, it’s there and when I don’t need it, I can wheel it out of the way. Also great when retrieving a lot of items from the fridge… Just put items on the cart as you pull them out of the fridge instead of trying to juggle a dozen items.

  20. 72

    Instead of labels sometimes I simply snip the label off the packaging of whatever I plan to store in a glass jar (such as flour) and then slip it into the jar with the ingredient! ;)

  21. 73

    I keepy toaster and other appliances when not being used in cupboards to maximize counter space

  22. 74

    We have very deep cabinets in our kitchen, but we have to be able to see everything to actually use it. Our tip is to not pack the cabinets– just because there is space doesn’t mean you need to fill it all up.

  23. 75
    Serena Powell

    We are actually in the process of redoing our kitchen. This list is very handy to have and I know I am going to be following some of the tips.

    1. 75.1
      Serena Powell

      I forgot to mention how we are using a lazy suzy for our cans as it is easy to reach and looks amazing

  24. 77

    I bought several small metal containers at a craft store with see through lids to hold my spices. I added a square of Velcro to the back of them and squares to the inside of a cabinet door to stick them to. Now they are off the counter and don’t take up precious cabinet space!

  25. 78
    Maddie Klingaman

    I have a closet dedicated to all things baking. Since our kitchen is small I purchased bakers racks and put pans, pots and many other things on one and dry foods that would normally be kept in a pantry on the other one.

  26. 79
    Nicole H

    I keep my measuring spoons (I have multiple sets for those mega baking days) is separate boxes.1.5 tsp and bigger in one box (that I think came with my salt shaker) and the little guys in the other.

  27. 80

    We are currently painting our cabinet doors with chalkboard paint so I can keep a track of the menu and grocery list right there!

  28. 81

    I have drawers that pull out instead of shelves, so I can stack all my pots and pans together and it takes up much less space because I can pull out the drawer and reach everything. It came with my house and it is one of the few features of the tiny kitchen that I love.

  29. 82
    Nicole G

    My kitchen is very tiny so I have to stack items. I store the toaster on the back of the oven & stack the microwave on top of the fridge. I even stack items on top of the microwave.

  30. 83

    only have what you use in the kitchen. I store seasonal items in the basement and try not to buy into every gadget and gizmo. Less stuff means more space.

  31. 84

    We put appliances we don’t often use in a cabinet so our counters stay clear.

  32. 85

    I keep a basket of already portioned snacks on our island for the kids to get a quick ready made snack when they need.

  33. 86
    Cheryl MacKenzie

    I love love love my oxo see through containers with pop up lid. I have 2 tall ones for my flour and sugar. A shorter one for my powdered sugar, and brown sugar, a tall narrow one for my spagetti and one for the popcorn.

  34. 87
    Mike T

    I struggle. I won’t lie about that. :)

  35. 89
    Cat T

    I have a hard enough time keeping my hubby from wrecking it!

  36. 90

    I keep my scale on my counter and my measuring cups close because I am always measuring my food. And tips 1,2,4,5,6,8. But I need to put the kids cups low…soon.
    Thanks :)

  37. 91

    We use a silverware organizer for our Keurig cups to keep them together and organized without buying the more expensive organizer from Keurig.

  38. 92

    I like to use quart-size mason jars to store pantry items such as chocolate chips, rice, and lentils.

  39. 93
    Sallie Fitzpatrick

    I have as many organizing things as I need to keep the utensils I use most in easy reach, lazy susan’s in my cabinets and LOVE my butcher block!

  40. 94
    Stephanie P

    Love this post! My kitchen needs some major organization. Love the idea of putting a shelf on the back splash above the stove for cooking essentials. I may just have to do that, that will clear up some space. My counters are way too cluttered.

  41. 95

    I would really love to win this. I LOVE that website!

  42. 96
    Amy Hay

    I organize in the kitchen with lots of bakets. They are so handy. I use them in the cabinets and on the counter tops. Thanks for the chance to win.

  43. 97


  44. 99
    Kelsey T.

    I don’t have a lot of cabinet space (who does?) so I found getting a wire shelving and organizer set to be very helpful! Thank you!

  45. 100
    Jessie C.

    I do weekly meal plan and pre-cook some ingredients during weekend.
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com