t-shirt pom poms TUTORIAL

Turn old t-shirts into pretty pom poms!

Learn how to turn old t-shirts into pom poms! T-shirt Pom Poms are so much more durable than tissue paper ones. And I think they look loads better!

T-shirt Pom Poms

t-shirt pom poms

got an old tee or two {or 20!} that you don’t wear anymore? turn them into *pretty little pom poms!* they’re fun and easy to make and turn out oh-so-fluffy!


  • t-shirts, 1 per pom pom
  • scissors
  • cardboard
use round objects to trace circles onto cardboard to make 2 templates like those shown above. i used a roll of tape and my camera lens cap…. the diameter of the outer circle is 6.5″ and the diameter of the inner circle is 2.5″.  you can play around with different template sizes to get different sized pom poms.
cut your t-shirt into 1/2″ strips. i only used from the arm pits down on each shirt. .
take one strip and one template and place strips as shown close to the inner circle.
sandwich the strip by putting the other template on top.
take a fabric strip and place on cardboard with the end even with the outer edge.
wind around the template as shown. pull the strip tightly so that it stretches the material. when you get to the end of the strip….
take another strip and place the edge even with the outer circle like you did at the beginning. when you wind it around the first time, be sure to overlap the end of the previous strip so that it is held in place.
continue winding the strips around the template until you reach the other side.
do 2 more layers of strips {so that you have 3 total layers}
now take the sandwiched strip and pull tight and wrap around each other once. this will help hold things in place for the next step.
Warning: this next step is messy. trust me.
with one hand holding the strips in place, use scissors to cut the fabric strips along the template. i recommend sharp scissors, and preferably pointy ones. unlike mine.
after all the strips are cut, pull the string tight and tie into a knot. remove templates.
should look something like this.
now give your crazy ball a good hair cut! i cut two 4.5″ diameter circles out, then sandwiched the ball and cut around to make a nice round pom pom. remove circles, fluff and trim as needed.
{doesn’t it look like a yummy aqua ice cream sandwich….if only it were warmer outside…haha}

*added later: for more Tips and Tricks on making T-shirt Pom Poms, see this post.*

pom poms are so whimsical and fun! i made this fab v-day door decor with mine. i used a pair of left over t-shirt sleeves to create the simple bow. perfect!

i would love to see the t-shirt pom poms you make, so please drop me an email when you’re done! {pretty pretty pretty please!! with a red cherry on top ;o)

*added later: for tips and tricks on making T-shirt Pom Poms, see this post.

More ideas for using tee shirt pom poms:



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  1. 1

    linda çok güzeller.eline sağlıkkk

  2. 2

    FUN FUN FUN!!! Thanks!!!

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    SERIOUSLY, so stinkin' CUTE!!!!! LOvE iT!!

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    Thanks for the tutorial!!

  5. 5

    Love it!! Thanks for sharing such a fun idea. The end result with the frame is so great :)

  6. 6
    Green Gracie Home

    love it! will be using up some tee scraps today!

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    now that is stinkin cute!! love it!!

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    Love the color, love the idea, love it, love it, love it!

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    So darn cute! I will definitely have to try that!

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    I love these! I will definitely be trying these adorable pom-poms!

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    Ali Rockwell

    Way cute!

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    So-o cute! Thanks for sharing!

  13. 13
    Michele {The Scrap Shoppe}

    Fabulous tutorial! After this pregnancy I think I'll try this with a few of my worn out maternity tees. Think of all the material! lol!

  14. 14

    THANK YOU for the tutorial! I bought my tshirts yesterday waiting for this post and I'm making them this weekend. Thanks for sharing! They're adorable.

  15. 15

    I've been waiting for the tutorial since I saw the previous post. THANK YOU!! So stinkin' cute!!!

  16. 16
    Kelli @ RTSM

    So cute and way easier than I was thinking it was going to be! Thanks for the great tutorial!

  17. 17

    Odlična ideja!!! Zaista su mi prekrasni tvoji pomponi! Hvala za savjete kako ih napraviti :)))

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    Thank you so much for sharing!! I just got like 5 shirts from the dollar store in cute spring colors so I could make this!!! YEA!!

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    Simply AJ

    Thanks for posting the tutorial!! I have been waiting for the post so I could make this. Love it!! Simply AJ – queenofmynest(at)gmail (dot)com

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    Wow! You totally made my day! I am rushing to the closet right after I pick up my girls from school and making me some! My daughters are going to want to too!

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    Love this darling idea! TFS!

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    SO much cooler than the yarn pom-poms. Which, ironically, my husband showed me how to make… but I wasn't hot about the yarn. T-shirts, now that is awesome.

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    Danielle Pecoraro Photography

    SO Awesome! Can't wait to do this!!

  24. 24
    Clare G

    I'm so digging through the closets for t-shirts as soon as I post this – I could get some really big poms out of my husbands t-shirts. Thanks for the excellent tut!

  25. 25
    Carolina Carters

    That has to be one of the most adorable things I've ever seen! I just might make some for our baby girl's nursery!

    Love it!


  26. 26

    Thanks for sharing your passion for Valentine decorating! I love the pom poms and the tutorial is wonderful. I want to make one, two, or more for a baby shower decoration.

  27. 27

    These are so much fun. And talk about PERFECT for weddings! Thanks so much, I'll be linking.

  28. 28

    these are too cute! seems like smaller size would be cute christmas tree ornaments for next year!

  29. 29
    Crazy Gecko

    Wow … These are such a lovely and unique idea … Thank you so much for sharing.

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    These definitely rock. Thanks for posting the tutorial. I am featuring this at somedaycrafts.blogspot.com tonight!

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    Rebekah★All Thingz Related★

    Those are so pretty, Linda! Thanks for showing us how to make our own!!

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    Seriously…no seriously how did you come up with that technique? Am I living in the dark ages? I saw those "C" cardboard thingys and thought what. I'm going to make some with something. You are so creative girl. Could I get an oz. of that. AWESOME pom poms!! xoxo

  33. 34

    Awesome, awesome, awesome! I am so doing this with a huge bag of partly-cut-apart t-shirt scraps I have! I made t-shirt pants for my toddler, but most of each of the t-shirts are still there, and I hated to just throw them away!

  34. 35

    thanks for the instructions. I have never considered making pom poms with fabric rather than wool

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    Ash Savage

    Thank yoU! I've been looking for these instructions for a while. Love it!

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    Emily and Jaime at Everyday Art

    Oh, so THAT'S how to make my pom-poms look better. :) Thanks. The T-shirt idea is so fun to.

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    Life Made Creations

    These are so, so fun! TFS. Time to raid the closet so I can whip some up!

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    Aunt Peg

    TRULY LOVE THESE! I have to give this a try Thanks so much for sharing…and I found your blog through Twitter!

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    One in the SAHM

    Wow – this is SO cute – I love it! Plus, no sewing – totally my style! Thank you!

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    cant wait to give it a shot tomorrow! I wish I had your talent!

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    These poms turned out darling – what a fun project!

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    never made pom poms like this! What a great way to make these! Love the way it tuned out!! Now to find tshirts!!

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    I love this idea! I have the perfect spot for it! Thanks for such a great tutorial!

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    [email protected] Sweet Pea Kisses

    So fun! I am definately making these! Thanks for sharing such a great tutorial :)

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    fabulous !

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    Sara from Sara vs. Sarah

    these are SOOO adorable! what a great idea – and the fact that they are huge is awesome! thanks for the how-to!