Silhouette PORTRAIT Review and GIVEAWAY!!

Happy Monday-Before-Thanksgiving! Have you heard about the NEW Silhouette PORTRAIT digital cutting tool? Well, I’m going to review the Silhouette Portrait AND give one away today. YAYY!

This is the 3rd Silhouette model that I’ve used and owned. My first Silhouette was the SD that my hubby surprised me with for our 5th anniversary. Since then I upgraded to the CAMEO and now got the chance to play with the new PORTRAIT.

Silhouette PORTRAIT

silhouette portrait Silhouette recently launched the new Silhouette PORTRAIT. It is very similar to the CAMEO, but there are a few differences.

PORTRAIT differences:

  •  8″ cutting width {Cameo has 12″}
  • Weighs 3.5 pounds {Cameo weighs 6.5 pounds}
  • No LCD screen
  • Load Media only button

PORTRAIT Similarities to the CAMEO:

  • Hooks up to your computer, like a printer, but instead of printing, it cuts with a small blade.
  • Precise cut
  • No cartridges
  • Cuts all fonts and designs on your computer for free
  • Cuts vinyl, cardstock, magnetic sheet, fabric, and more.
  • Download individual designs from
  • Silhouette Studio software is included.
  • Cuts designs up to 10 feet long
  • Optical scanner so you can print designs on your printer and then cut them out.
*Check out this video on the Portrait.
My Thoughts


So I have had loads of fun playing the new Silhouette PORTRAIT! It is very similar to the CAMEO, just smaller and lighter. Silhouette made a few small changes to the overall design. One thing that I really liked about the PORTRAIT, is it is easier to load just vinyl. {you don’t need a cutting mat the cut vinyl} The PORTRAIT seems to have less of a lip for the vinyl to get caught on, so I felt it was easier than all the previous models to load vinyl.

silhouette portrait review

The PORTRAIt has only 5 buttons, no screen. It has a button to load Media on a Cutting Mat {ex: scrapbook paper on cutting mat} AND a button for when you load Media Only. {ex: vinyl} I liked the simplicity of the PORTRAIT design the the rounded look. It is easy to use and the cut is the same high quality precise cut that is a Silhouette standard.

Overall Thoughts on the PORTRAIT

It is a fantastic little machine! If you will only be cutting smaller designs and have limited space, then the PORTRAIT will be perfect for you! The Portrait has a lot cheaper price point, so its a great way to get your feet wet in digital cutting tools. But I have to say, the wider width of the CAMEO is very handy. I cut a lot of large designs, so I will probably still use the CAMEO most of the time, but I think the PORTRAIT will be nice to use for small projects and small cuts. And it will be easier to transport to craft parties and classes because its smaller and lighter.

Silhouette Black Friday Discounts 

Silhouette is having a HUGE Black Friday sale starting at 12:01 am EST! These are their BEST prices of the year! I will be posting details and discount codes at 12:01am on Black Friday. So be sure to stop by and get all the details on Silhouette Black Friday discounts and check out the Handmade Black Friday that will start at the same time!

handmade black friday


Please use the giveaway widget below to enter the giveaway. If you are reading this in your email inbox, please click over to enter!

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good luck!

happy crafting,


Disclosure: I received free product to try. All opinions are 100% mine. I only promote products that I think you will enjoy. Please see my complete disclosure here.


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  1. 1251

    I think I would prefer the Cameo… but since I have neither I’ll take either :)

  2. 1252

    Oh my, I would truly love either!!!! I would just LOVE to be able to cut out little vinyls to use around the house – so. many. projects in mind. Given that I don’t have either and I don’t *think* I would be really using it for larger scale projects, I’d be happy with a Portrait…although if someone offered me a Cameo I sure wouldn’t say no!

  3. 1254

    Cant wait to make some creative homemade gifts.

    1. 1254.1

      I would prefer the cameo

  4. 1255

    I’d prefer the Cameo because I already have a little machine. The larger cutting mat would be wonderful.

  5. 1256


  6. 1257
    Anne Boykin

    Thanks for the giveaway! If I win, I’m going to make a sign for my kitchen.

  7. 1258

    I would love either one, but I think I’d choose the cameo.

  8. 1259

    I’d take either, but with limited crafting space probably the portrait.

  9. 1260

    OK so I really want to win this contest! You have a great Blog

  10. 1261
    Tricia B

    Of course, the Cameo! but since I am giving this to my 18 year old, space is an issue and I know she’d love the Portrait!

  11. 1262

    I really really want to win!!

  12. 1263

    Wow! Thanks for an honest review, and thanks for the opportunity to win a Portrait! This looks like the perfect machine for my small apartment crafting space :)

  13. 1264
    Lourdes G

    I love both!!! Seeing your demo on the Portrait convinced me for the Portrait though :)

  14. 1265
    Amanda Christensen

    I would love a Portrait!

  15. 1266
    Deanna Worrall

    I’d prefer Cameo! But I think either of them would be awesome to own!

  16. 1267
    sheila b

    wow! WOW!! would love to have one :) soooo many things i could do, but the first would be to make vinyl musical notes to put around my daughter’s room.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  17. 1269
    andie d

    I’d probably prefer the cameo, but since neither is in the budget at the moment, I won’t be picky :)

  18. 1270

    Thanks so much for this offer. I am hoping “santa” will get me the cameo this year! I like the idea of cutting 12×12. However, with this one I would LOVE a load only vinyl. I can’t wait to cut me some vinyl deco for my house and organization!! :)


  19. 1271

    I THINK I WOULD LIKE THE PORTRAIT….but of course any new toy would be FUN! TY!

  20. 1272

    I would probably prefer the Cameo, since it can cut bigger designs. However, they both look awesome and I don’t have either one! :)

  21. 1273
    Nancy Glover

    They both would be awesome but I think the Cameo is on my wish list.

  22. 1274

    Well, I’d probably prefer the cameo–but let’s be honest, I’d be THRILLED with either!

  23. 1275

    I have a slight preference for a Cameo because it can do so much more, but right now I’d love to have either!

  24. 1276
    Stacy Bennett

    I would prefer the Cameo strictly because it takes larger 12×12 paper! Thanks!

  25. 1278

    I think I’d rather have the Cameo but of course the Portrait would also be amazing! I would HTV the crap out of anything I could get my hands on if I won…onesies, t-shirts, towels, and my husbands underwear…ok not the underwear but you get the picture.

  26. 1279
    Anna Manke

    I would like which ever one is given to me :-) I’ve been looking into the Cameo but the price is out of my budget. (So is the Portrait, but closer)

  27. 1280

    I would rather have the Cameo. But, I would love to have either. I’ve been drooling over the Silhouette machines for the past couple of years, I just haven’t been able to buy one yet. So, thank you for this chance to win!

  28. 1281
    Becky N.

    I honestly don’t know which I’d prefer. I have been wanting one for so long, I think I’d take either!!

  29. 1282

    The cameo I think is better

  30. 1283
    kathy anderson

    I would prefer the Cameo but since I don’t have either one any of them would be awesome! Thanks for the chance to win!

  31. 1284

    I love both! The portrait would be better crafting space size but the cameo is awesome too!

  32. 1285

    Make vinyl labels for everything!

  33. 1286
    Nancy G

    I would LOVE to have either machine!!!! But on my budget, I can only afford a PORTRAIT

  34. 1287

    I’d take either. They look so great!

  35. 1288

    If I were buying one, I’d probably buy the Cameo since I mostly want to cut large vinyl pieces, but I’d love to win either one!!!

  36. 1289
    Belinda Clear

    that is a tough question… I think I would prefer the Cameo because of the larger projects I could create, but I could do just as much work with the Portrait!

  37. 1290
    Shelley D.

    I would prefer to have the Cameo because I wouldn’t want to be limited on the size of my projects.

  38. 1291
    Annalisa C.

    I would prefer a Cameo, but have to admit that if I had money I would get both so that the one would be easier to “travel” with.

  39. 1292
    Brooke M

    I think the Portrait would work better for me due to it’s compact size, but who’s kidding, I’d happily take either.

  40. 1293

    I think I’d prefer the Portrait! I like the idea of a smaller size.

  41. 1294
    LeAnn Scacco

    I love the idea of cutting 12″ media, but I think the portrait would be easier to work into my limited space!!!

  42. 1295
    Becky @ lovetobeinthekitchen


  43. 1297

    As I do not have either cutting tool I would be thrilled to have the portrait. It can do so much and will fit easily into my craft area.

  44. 1298
    Cindy B

    I’d plan to gift this to my sister and I know she’d love a Cameo, but would be just as thrilled with a Portrait!

  45. 1299

    Oh man, that is a tough decision. I would say the Portrait because its so cute and small and light weight. But I would also love a Cameo too. So, I would be really happy with either of them!

  46. 1300

    I want BOTH! With so many things you can do with them, I would probably have them working full time!

    But I guess If I had to choose, I’d go with the Cameo just because of the size.