Silhouette PORTRAIT Review and GIVEAWAY!!

Happy Monday-Before-Thanksgiving! Have you heard about the NEW Silhouette PORTRAIT digital cutting tool? Well, I’m going to review the Silhouette Portrait AND give one away today. YAYY!

This is the 3rd Silhouette model that I’ve used and owned. My first Silhouette was the SD that my hubby surprised me with for our 5th anniversary. Since then I upgraded to the CAMEO and now got the chance to play with the new PORTRAIT.

Silhouette PORTRAIT

silhouette portrait Silhouette recently launched the new Silhouette PORTRAIT. It is very similar to the CAMEO, but there are a few differences.

PORTRAIT differences:

  •  8″ cutting width {Cameo has 12″}
  • Weighs 3.5 pounds {Cameo weighs 6.5 pounds}
  • No LCD screen
  • Load Media only button

PORTRAIT Similarities to the CAMEO:

  • Hooks up to your computer, like a printer, but instead of printing, it cuts with a small blade.
  • Precise cut
  • No cartridges
  • Cuts all fonts and designs on your computer for free
  • Cuts vinyl, cardstock, magnetic sheet, fabric, and more.
  • Download individual designs from
  • Silhouette Studio software is included.
  • Cuts designs up to 10 feet long
  • Optical scanner so you can print designs on your printer and then cut them out.
*Check out this video on the Portrait.
My Thoughts


So I have had loads of fun playing the new Silhouette PORTRAIT! It is very similar to the CAMEO, just smaller and lighter. Silhouette made a few small changes to the overall design. One thing that I really liked about the PORTRAIT, is it is easier to load just vinyl. {you don’t need a cutting mat the cut vinyl} The PORTRAIT seems to have less of a lip for the vinyl to get caught on, so I felt it was easier than all the previous models to load vinyl.

silhouette portrait review

The PORTRAIt has only 5 buttons, no screen. It has a button to load Media on a Cutting Mat {ex: scrapbook paper on cutting mat} AND a button for when you load Media Only. {ex: vinyl} I liked the simplicity of the PORTRAIT design the the rounded look. It is easy to use and the cut is the same high quality precise cut that is a Silhouette standard.

Overall Thoughts on the PORTRAIT

It is a fantastic little machine! If you will only be cutting smaller designs and have limited space, then the PORTRAIT will be perfect for you! The Portrait has a lot cheaper price point, so its a great way to get your feet wet in digital cutting tools. But I have to say, the wider width of the CAMEO is very handy. I cut a lot of large designs, so I will probably still use the CAMEO most of the time, but I think the PORTRAIT will be nice to use for small projects and small cuts. And it will be easier to transport to craft parties and classes because its smaller and lighter.

Silhouette Black Friday Discounts 

Silhouette is having a HUGE Black Friday sale starting at 12:01 am EST! These are their BEST prices of the year! I will be posting details and discount codes at 12:01am on Black Friday. So be sure to stop by and get all the details on Silhouette Black Friday discounts and check out the Handmade Black Friday that will start at the same time!

handmade black friday


Please use the giveaway widget below to enter the giveaway. If you are reading this in your email inbox, please click over to enter!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

good luck!

happy crafting,


Disclosure: I received free product to try. All opinions are 100% mine. I only promote products that I think you will enjoy. Please see my complete disclosure here.


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  1. 1401

    I would love either, but if I had a choice, probably a CAMEO!

  2. 1402
    Malerie Torres

    I would be THRILLED to have either! I work with children and there are endless projects that would benefit from having this machine. My office is ill-equipped for creative projects, but our kiddos with autism respond well to visual cues. It would be great to use this machine to create materials for them. Additionally, I just love making things for myself, friends, and family!

  3. 1403

    If I was the lucky winner, the first thing I would make would be a thank you card for my husband. After I had a stroke earlier this year at only age 43, he has been more than amazing, and today I am thankful for him.

  4. 1404

    For right now the portrait will suit my purposes. Eventually, I think I will want the added cutting width of the cameo.

  5. 1405
    Carly Robertson

    My sisters and I have been talking about this machine and it would be a dream to have one. It would help bring our art and graphic designs to life!

  6. 1406
    Jennifer N

    either one!!! Thanks!!

  7. 1407
    Sharon Nagele

    I would love to have either the Portait or the Cameo! Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  8. 1408
    Sondra Roberts

    I think I would prefer a Cameo

  9. 1409

    There are so many great projects that I could finish with this wonderful machine.

  10. 1410
    susan candland

    i would prefer the compactness of the portrait! :)

  11. 1411
    Steph Coupons


  12. 1412

    Either one!

  13. 1414
    Kathryn C

    Being with my family eating a delicious meal together.

    1. 1414.1
      Kathryn C

      please disregard this comment – went on wrong blog! LOL!

  14. 1415

    Would love to win the portrait :)

  15. 1416

    Hard one – I love how small the portrait is, but I also really love being able to use regular 12×12 scrapbook paper without needing to cut it!

  16. 1417
    Lisa Knox

    I would love on of these. :-) I have had an expression for years, but the Silhouette seems so much more versatile.

  17. 1418
    paige shannon

    Would love either one – but if I had to choose, I would choose the portrait. That way I can use it at the hospital when I am there with my daughter!

  18. 1419

    I would love either one of these!!

  19. 1420

    Please……..would LOVE to win…

  20. 1421

    I’ve been wanting a Silhouette Cameo so so so so bad for a very long time. I would be thrilled to win one, but either would be an absolute blessing!

  21. 1422

    I would love to have either one as I don’t have a cutting machine!
    Thank you for the opportunity(:

  22. 1423

    I would love to win either the Cameo or Portrait. Either one would be awesome to have for crafts!

  23. 1424

    This looks like a wonderful little maching. I’ve been debating for so long whether to get something like this, because they’re soooo expensive. (> $50 = sooooo expensive). I like to make cards and other artsy stuff, so I think this would be just perfect. Plus it seems like it could print out a banner too since it cuts up to 10′.

    Good luck to everyone!

  24. 1425
    Betsy Nowland-Curry

    Thank you especially for the comparison – very helpful! Where can I view actual projects or cuts made by the machines?

  25. 1426

    Hello! So I am just looking into purchasing the Silhouette Portrait, a friend told me about it! My primary purpose for this machine would be cutting vinyl and doing monogram fonts (vine is a must have font). Is the Silhouette Portrait going to do the trick? Or, should I look elsewhere?

    1. 1426.1

      Hi Amber,
      The Silhouette Portrait and Cameo cut any font on your computer for free! You can download fonts online and cut them. It’s great! Both machines cut vinyl, fabric, paper, card stock, magnetic sheets, and more. Silhouette tools don’t limit you to cartridges like Cricut does. You can design your own shapes or download them for 99 cents each. If you have more questions, just let me know! Silhouette has a bundle sale coming up. ;o)

      1. Amber

        What is the bundle sale?

        And does the Silhouette Portrait come with everything necessary to get started or should I plan on purchasing the machine and a list of other parts?

        Thanks for being so helpful!

  26. 1427
    Afton Alber

    Can you download and cut any clipart from the internet or from your picture on your computer?

    1. 1427.1

      Hi Afton,
      You can cut any font or SVG file on your computer. You do need to have the Designer edition Software to cut SVG files. If you find a file online that is not an SVG file, there are free online converters that will change it over to SVG for you so that you can cut it with your Silhouette. The Designer Software is marked to $25 very frequently. {and so worth it, in my opinion!}
      Thanks for stopping by!

  27. 1428

    I have an EBosser machine, but I am very interested in purchasing a Silhouette. I there a video available showing me all that the Silouette can do please.

  28. 1429
    Sarah McInerney

    I would be over the moon if I won a silhouette portrait
    It would be a huge help for me cutting my designs, trying to get a small business going while working nights too! It’s hard work
    Thank you and good luck :)