Cutest Easter Bunny shirt! Love how she used a rosette flower for the tail.
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Easter Egg banner. Loving the rainbow easter eggs!
spring smile card
22 Organizing and Storage Ideas for small craft rooms and spaces!

Ideas for Unfinished Decorative Wood Frames

whimsical frames 8

I know you've seen these unfinished decorative wood frames all over and they're so stinkin cute…but how do you use them? If you're like me, you were captivated by their curvy cuteness and so they made their way into your shopping cart. But then when you get home, you're not so sure what to do with them. Well, thanks to our Facebook fans, we have LOADS of awesome craft ideas for unfinished, decorative wood frames! "I look at these (decorative wood frames) every time I go to the craft … READ MORE

Easter Bunny Surprise Balls

Love this non-candy gift idea for Easter!

Easter Bunny Surprise Balls by Vanessa  Looking for an Easter gift that is inexpensive, potentially sugar-free, and tons of fun for your kids? These Easter Bunny Surprise Balls are the perfect craft for you! Surprise Balls have been around for ages and they are essentially the same today: take small gifts and trinkets and wrap crepe paper around them until a ball is formed. Kids absolutely love them! First things first, you're going to have to collect some small items to include in your … READ MORE

DIY Easy Embellished Magnets

diy embellished magnets

This crafty DIY is so easy I'm almost embarrassed to be sharing it today, almost!   Today I'm going to show you how you can turn minimal craft store supplies into super cute magnets to match your home and style.  I hope this project encourages you to see craft store materials outside of the box.  I mean, who says scrapbook supplies have to live in a scrapbook!! DIY Easy Embellished Magnets by: Jessica of Dear Emmeline Materials round neodymium magnets E-6000 craft glue scrapbook … READ MORE

Easy Rainbow Easter Egg Banner

Easter Egg banner. Loving the rainbow easter eggs!

  Rainbow Easter Egg Banner Ok, I'm seriously in love with my Rainbow Easter Egg banner! Seeing all the colors of the rainbow strung together on a banner makes my heart happy. I don't usually associate rainbows with Easter, but with the rainy spring we've had so far, I think its rather fitting.  I love the bright, happy colors on the brown kraft paper. The contrast is really nice. Kraft paper makes the colors pop nicely. My Rainbow Easter Egg banner was super duper easy to make! I used my … READ MORE