Halloween Monster Manners Dinner + Printables

Looking for a fun Halloween Activity for kids? I am a youth leader at my church for girls ages 8-11. (We are called the Activity Days girls.) Last week, we put on a super fun Monster Manners Dinner for the group and it was a hit! The girls dressed up in their costumes and we had a Halloween themed dinner while learning manners. It was a blast!

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Halloween Monster Manners Dinner

Halloween Monster Manners Dinner Party idea with Free Printables

My awesome assistant, Jessi, designed some of the cutest printables that we used at the dinner. And of course, you can download the Monster Manners Printables for free at the bottom of this post. :)

Halloween Dinner Party idea with Free Printables

This was our place setting for each girl. They loved the fake vampire teeth and thought it was fun to try and eat/drink with them in… Made for some really awesome monster manners! ha!

Halloween Party ideas :: Monster Manners dinner for kids

My Fishbowl Mummy‘s were a great addition to this Halloween Party tables cape! Click here for the tutorial.

Halloween dinner menu :: Free Printables

Our Halloween Dinner Party Menu was:

  • Blood Punch: Cherry Koolaid
  • Severed Witch Fingers in a Blanket: Hot Dogs cut to look like fingers in a bun with Ketchup
  • Ghostly Fruit: Bananas with chocolate chips for eyes and mouth
  • Eyeballs on a Stick: Cherry Tomatoes on a toothpick
  • Venomous Spider Cookies: Oreo cookies with licorice legs and candy eyeballs

To host your own Halloween Monster Manners Dinner with your kids, friends, neighbors, or whoever, all you have to do is download the free Monster Manners printables below and print them. Then prep some fun Halloween foods, add a few simple Halloween decorations like streamers, jack-o-lanters, and you can have a super fun Halloween party!

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