DIY Halloween Bowling Game with Free Printables

If you’re looking for an easy DIY Halloween Game, then this Free Printable Halloween Bowling Set will make you very happy! This is a fun game that kids of all ages can play! Scroll down for free printables download.

DIY Halloween Bowling Game

DIY Halloween Bowling Game idea with FREE Printables. Great way to reuse tin cans!

I love finding ways to reuse tin cans rather than tossing them. Plus, I’m always looking for a cute Halloween game to play for Halloween parties and Fall Festivals.

I put together this free printable Halloween bowling set that makes it incredibly easy for you to make your own set of Halloween bowling cans!

DIY Halloween Bowling Game - Free Printables

For my “bowling ball Jack-o-Lantern”, I spray painted a tennis ball orange and then used a black sharpie to draw a simple pumpkin face. But you could totally use a regular tennis ball or any small ball.

DIY Halloween Tin Can Bowling Printables

Halloween Tin Can Bowling Game - Free Printables

The tin cans fall over very easily, if they are empty. But if you want to make them a little tougher to knock over {for older kids}, you can leave the cans full of food.

DIY Halloween Game idea - bowling

Bowling is a classic game for all ages! You just need to be able to throw/toss a ball.


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