How to Make a Rag Rug by Everyday Art

Happy Labor Day! For a fun change of pace today, I have the cute girls from Everyday Art here to show us How to Make a Rag Rug tutorial. I love their super easy technique! This is definitely a great craft for fabric scraps. {don’t ya love scrap busters?} enjoy! -Linda

DIY Rag Rug

How to Make a Rag Rug Tutorial

rag rug tutorial

Hi, my name is Jaime and my sister-in-law Emily and I are craftaholics. :)

We like to share our creations on our blog, Everyday Art because we think that everyone likes to create a little art everyday.

We’re excited to be here at Craftaholics Anonymous® today sharing one of our recent projects.

Introducing, the Pink-and-Blue Rag Rug:

how to make rag rugs

And I must say, phew!, what a long, loooong time this project took me! Many hours sitting watching shows/listening to audio books while working on this puppy. But, I have to say, even knowing how many hours (days, weeks, months) I’ve put into this, I’m so pleased with how it turned out. I love it. :)

rag rugWe recently moved and I put my two oldest girls in a shared bedroom. One loves blue, the other pink. So what to do but make a pretty blue-and-pink room for them? After completing the blue-and-pink quilts for their bunk beds, painting the walls blue, and hanging pink curtains, I tackled the rag rug as my next project.

As you can see, it turned out cute, coordinating, and much loved by the two girls.

The rug really was simple to make, just time-consuming. Basically, I used strips of fabric (1000s of them) cut about 1 inch x 5 inches. I stuffed these strips into a non-skid rug mat and voila! No need to even bother tying the strips.

You can see the rug mat in this image and about how often I skipped holes. Obviously, I certainly could have made it more full by skipping less holes in the non-skid mat, but there really wasn’t a need to make it any more full. I used leftover fabric from their quilts plus other scraps and purchased fabrics.

The rug has been in the girls’ room for about 2 weeks now and it easily fluffs up with a little shake and appears to be holding up well. With projects like this, the personalizing possibilities are truly endless–any color scheme would be fun.

Ready to make one yourself?

Rag Rug Tutorial


Here’s an image-tutorial on how to make a rag rug:

rag rug tutorial

I hope your rug goes well! I think this was one of my all-time-favorite handmade items.

DIY Rag Rug tutorial. These are easy to make and add awesome texture to a room!Thanks Linda for having us. :)

Lots of love from the gals at Everyday Art!

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Hi! I'm Linda, the craft addict behind Craftaholics Anonymous®, a craft blog. Crafting is cheaper than therapy, right? When not crafting, I can be found chasing my 2 small {but very energetic!} boys or playing with my new baby girl. Or shoe shopping... because you can never have too many shoes! Happy crafting! ♥

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  1. 451

    I like diy project especially easy or simple & less cost

  2. 452
    Linda Parsons

    Love the rug!

  3. 453
    Desiray Fiddler

    Going to begin this project today for my daughters newly updated room. It’s a big girls room now. I’m going to use her old receiving blankets as the fabric, hopefully it works out just as well as the tutorial. Thanks for the idea!

  4. 454

    I have been looking everywhere for a new rug for my lounge as Iv changed my colour scheme I think I’m gonna give this a whirl

  5. 455

    Love that diy rug idea. It’s beautiful,I’m going to attempt it I think

  6. 456
    Kathy Kumler

    I LOVE this rug! SOOOOOOO CUTE!
    Thank you for the tutorial,
    How is it holding up by now?

  7. 457

    I love this stuff!

  8. 458

    I bought my non skid mat at walmart. I got 2 feet x 3 feet for 3.97. It was in throw rug area.

  9. 459
    Treijetta Frazier

    After you put the fabrirc through the hole, do you tie a knot to keep it together?

    1. 459.1

      No they are not knotted

  10. 460

    What if I wash it? Will the rags stay in place if not tied?

    1. 460.1

      Wash it in a laundry bag or pillow case and lay flat to dry

  11. 461

    I am wondering if you didnt knot it, how does it hold up? How long have you had it, and how many times have you washed it without it falling apart? Also do you know where I can get the rug mat?

    1. 461.1

      You can get the rug mats at Masters – they are the non-slip underlay for mats or for inside your cutlery or pot draws.

  12. 462

    I love your rug idea. Beautiful colors.
    Since you did not “tie” anything, my concern would be how well it held up thru a washing. I’m wondering if you have washed your rug yet?

    1. 462.1

      Rag rugs should be hand washed or else washed in a machine in a laundry bag or pillow case and then laid flat to dry :)

  13. 463

    What kind of fabric holds up best (won’t fray or unravel)? Thanks!

    1. 463.1

      Jersey or knit won’t fray :)

    2. 463.2

      Jersey or knit won’t fray :)

      1. If you didnt knot it how did you get it to stay? & what kind of fabric did you use for the one you made ?

        1. The rug pictured uses 100% cotton fabric. The fabric is weaved through small holes that hold it in place. To wash, you’ll want to use a laundry bag or pillow case to put it in and then lay flat to dry.

  14. 464

    I am about half way through making one of these rugs for my nieces and I put it on the floor to see there reactions and one first up pulled a strip out. This is disappointing as I’ve spent so much time on it so far. Now I have to knot all of them.

    1. 464.1

      I wouldn’t knot them, what I would do is sew on the reverse side. Just poke needle through fabric near the mat, and weave in and out in some way to keep them from getting pulled out. Basically sew the strips to the backing. My feet hurt thinking about stepping on a bunch of knots!

    2. 464.2
      kris bush

      I would use a hook it creates a better look and ensures they do not fall out.

  15. 465
    Ariana Nevins

    how much fabric do you need in total?

      1. Allie

        3 yards TOTAL of 3 yard of each different kind of fabric? 3 yards doesn’t seem like it would be enough….

  16. 466
    Lisa Z

    How would denim do, ya think?

    1. 466.1

      It would look so cute! It would shed a bit, but it would hold up well.

      1. Vivian

        I have a lot (about 8-10 yards) of pink denim I bought on ebay a few years ago how big of a rag rug do you think that would make? thanks!

        1. My guess would be a nice full 4×6, maybe slightly larger.

    2. 466.3
      kris bush

      I have used cord trousers and in funky colours they look fab

  17. 467

    Hey linda, i love this pin this is my next progect and i hope it will come out as nice as yours! , what is the size of the rug and what is the size of strips? Tanx

  18. 468
    Gale Thompson

    Attempting to view rag rug tutorial please advise

  19. 469

    Any problems if the fabric scraps fray?

  20. 470
    Darla Meyer

    I don’t see why you couldn’t just knot the strip in the traditional latch hook method. Great idea though.

    1. 470.1
      kris bush

      That is what I do and it works well and also looks more secure and packed

  21. 471

    Gonna go to the craft store today as they are having a 25% sale off EVERYTHING!!!! What size was this rug? I want something like an area rug but concerned about the timing. Wondering if i should a couple rugs and tie them together. I guess it depends on the non skid mat size i find.

  22. 472

    I am very interested in your crafts, being a craftolic myself. This is the first time I have viewed your page. I am loving it thank u very much.

  23. 473
    Preeta James

    I love the idea of the rag rug!! Thanks for sharing!!

  24. 474

    could you please tell me where you got the non slip skid mat from?? Im in Australia and cant find them anywhere???

    1. 474.1

      You can find them online at Amazon or a home store like Walmart or Target should carry them.

    2. 474.2

      I found a 1x 2m piece today at hot dollar for $13, also bigw has 115×175 for $20 :)

    3. 474.3

      Masters have them – but they are in rolls for lining cutlery or pot drawers or putting under mats to stop them slipping.

  25. 475
    Mary Folks

    This looks so easy and lots of fun. Thank you for sharing. Our daughter is due in 4 weeks, looks like I better get started. I will try to send y’all a picture of ours. Thanks again!!!!!

  26. 476

    This looks like something I could do am 63 and something is to do for my grandkids

  27. 477

    On the homemade rug. Do you tie each piece after you weave them through the rug base. Also, do you weave through each row or docyou skip a row? Couldn’t tell from the diagram.

  28. 478

    Hi ladies..I think using a crochet needle will maky the job a little easier and quicker….? X

  29. 479

    I’m curious as to how much fabric to buy for this size of rug. Any suggestions?

  30. 480

    Does the favric fray (sp) easily?

    1. 480.1

      If you use cotton, yes it will shed/fray. If you use a knit or flannel fabric, then it will not.

  31. 481

    What what do you think about using fleece? I’ve got a ton of anti pill and blizzard fleece scraps from Joanns and Hobby Lobby.

    1. 481.1

      I think it would work fine.

  32. 482
    sara Hackler

    Crossed my mind in my children’s room they they play pretty rough. How about thin strips of hot glue on the bottom. Help from slipping and also the strips from coming thru…??

  33. 483

    I love this idea and need to know a bit more details about this step by step. If you would, would you please email me the steps. Ie: skid free mat.. Is it every hole every other hole or exactly what. How did you alternate the different materials etc. Thanks

  34. 484

    Making an 8×10 for my daughter. How many yards of fabric do you suggest that I purchase? Also, how many strips for a full rug?

    1. 484.1

      Probably 6-7 yards.

  35. 485
    Tracy Jenkin

    I have a heap of t shirts, do you think they would work.

  36. 486
    Sara Robey

    What size is this rug you made? I wanted a 2X3 for the bathroom and this looks about that size. Love it.

    1. 486.1

      I believe it is a 3×5

  37. 487

    i just started my rug and I am pretty sure I would recommend using a fabric that is patterned on both sides. Just a tip.

  38. 488

    Can’t wait to make this….but I am am thinking of maybe using felt… Do you think it would work?

    1. 488.1

      The only things is the felt might be too thick to pull through the tiny holes in the mat. You’ll want to cut thinner strips or use a mat with bigger holes.

      1. linda

        I Am going to use clothes the girls have outgrown…memories for

  39. 489

    What a fantastic idea!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing with us. Going to make one for my girls room!!!!!

  40. 490

    I think this would be a great idea for a pillow as well!

  41. 491

    How to make a rag rug

  42. 492
    Amy Brewer

    Hi I was wondering how u wash these rag rugs. I made one and tryingto figurt it out

    1. 492.1
      Amy Brewer

      Okay I guess I shouldve seen the other comments. Thank u so much for the inspiration you’ve given me. I made one for my daughters room and now gonna make one for the kitchen bathroom and other daughters room. However I will want to try one that won’t fray. Thanks a bunch

  43. 493
    Destiny Johnson

    Hello there i made the rug and i have had it in my floor for a while and you know how usally on saterday or sunday its cleaning day well my rug has gotten really dirty and i dont want to put it in the washer because it could make all the fabric come out so i was wondering how could i clean the rug without the fabric coming out

    1. 493.1

      Wash it in a laundry bag or pillow case. Then lay flat to dry.

  44. 494
    Tammy Love

    I love this rug so much that I am making one for my granddaughter. Thanks for the inspiration! Looking forward to seeing more of your crafts.
    Tammy Love

  45. 495

    So on this rag rug project you really just lay the fabric strips between the holes and theres not tying??

    1. 495.1

      Yes, you weave them into the mat in a U shape without tying.

  46. 496

    VERY cute! Going to make one for my daughters dorm room. I have tons of “left-overs” from a t-shirt quilt. Would the t-shirt fabric work for this project? Thanks

    1. 496.1

      Yes t-shirt material works great!

  47. 497

    if its not tied, what happens when you wash it. My washer is a HE and Im afraid it will be undone in the wash!

    1. 497.1

      Wash in a pillow case or laundry bag to prevent the strips from falling out.

  48. 498

    Love the rug! Going to make one for my grand-daughters’ bedroom. Do you think it would be ok to mix fabric types?

  49. 499

    Awesome, love the rug