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How to Make a Rag Rug by Everyday Art

Happy Labor Day! For a fun change of pace today, I have the cute girls from Everyday Art here to show us How to Make a Rag Rug tutorial. I love their super easy technique! This is definitely a great craft for fabric scraps. {don’t ya love scrap busters?} enjoy! -Linda

How to Make a Rag Rug Tutorial

rag rug tutorial

Hi, my name is Jaime and my sister-in-law Emily and I are craftaholics. :)

We like to share our creations on our blog, Everyday Art because we think that everyone likes to create a little art everyday.

We’re excited to be here at Craftaholics Anonymous® today sharing one of our recent projects.

Introducing, the Pink-and-Blue Rag Rug:

how to make rag rugs

And I must say, phew!, what a long, loooong time this project took me! Many hours sitting watching shows/listening to audio books while working on this puppy. But, I have to say, even knowing how many hours (days, weeks, months) I’ve put into this, I’m so pleased with how it turned out. I love it. :)

rag rugWe recently moved and I put my two oldest girls in a shared bedroom. One loves blue, the other pink. So what to do but make a pretty blue-and-pink room for them? After completing the blue-and-pink quilts for their bunk beds, painting the walls blue, and hanging pink curtains, I tackled the rag rug as my next project.

As you can see, it turned out cute, coordinating, and much loved by the two girls.

The rug really was simple to make, just time-consuming. Basically, I used strips of fabric (1000s of them) cut about 1 inch x 5 inches. I stuffed these strips into a non-skid rug mat and voila! No need to even bother tying the strips.

You can see the rug mat in this image and about how often I skipped holes. Obviously, I certainly could have made it more full by skipping less holes in the non-skid mat, but there really wasn’t a need to make it any more full. I used leftover fabric from their quilts plus other scraps and purchased fabrics.

The rug has been in the girls’ room for about 2 weeks now and it easily fluffs up with a little shake and appears to be holding up well. With projects like this, the personalizing possibilities are truly endless–any color scheme would be fun.

Ready to make one yourself?

Rag Rug Tutorial


Here’s an image-tutorial on how to make a rag rug:

rag rug tutorial

I hope your rug goes well! I think this was one of my all-time-favorite handmade items.

Thanks Linda for having us. :)

Lots of love from the gals at Everyday Art!

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About Linda@CraftaholicsAnonymous

Hi! I'm Linda, the craft addict behind Craftaholics Anonymous®, a craft blog. Crafting is cheaper than therapy, right? When not crafting, I can be found chasing my 2 small {but very energetic!} boys or playing with my new baby girl. Or shoe shopping... because you can never have too many shoes! Happy crafting! ♥

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  1. 301
    Beth Crisp says:

    What about using old reciving blankets?

    • 301.1
      Diane Wilkins says:

      I think I will try to make a rug for my grand-baby. Thanks for the idea. A must do.

    • 301.2
      Olivia says:

      FYI – It’s “RECEIVING” blankets!:-) Anyway, I would think they would work just fine–after all, fabric is fabric. And since they’re often made from flannel, I the rug would probably be very “cozy”, especially for little feet! I’m hoping to make one with 1″ ribbon cut into the 5″ lengths, using all the leftover ribbon I have and adding to it as needed. I’m guessing this may be a bit more fragile than ones made from fabric so will be using it in a VERY low traffic area.

  2. 302
    Serene says:

    Hi , i m so amazing your art work.

  3. 303
    Zainoe says:

    Really cool!
    Im going to try this for my grandson, but I think I will make the strips longer so I can tie it…maybe even use a crochet hook. (He will find a way to tug at the strips).
    Thanks so much…from South Africa!

    • 303.1
      Vikki says:

      I used a tachikara mesh sports bag cut in 1/2 & 6-7″ strips. tied them to the bag (knotted) & have washed rug 2 times already. Held up great. AIr dry is best.

  4. 304
    Donna says:

    Can you wash the rag rug? If so won’t the pieces fall out?

    • 304.1
      Vikki says:

      I used a tachikara mesh sports bag cut in 1/2 & 6-7″ strips. tied them to the bag (knotted) & have washed rug 2 times already. Held up great. AIr dry is best.

      • madeline says:

        I would love to make this rug for my gran daughter! I would like to make it washable, but soft. There is a post from Vikki that says she used Tachikara mesh Sports Bag. Would someone be able to explain what that is and where i maybe able to find it ? Any other ideas from someone who has made this strong enough for washing i would love to hear from! Thanks

      • Sarah says:

        Kudos on the washable factor! Since the sports bag grid is larger, did you use multiple strips of fabric per square? Same 1″ x 7″ size? Figure I’ll tie them.

        Also appreciate the pinking sheers and ice pic ideas.

        • Sarah says:

          Oops. Just answered my own questions. Anyone have estimates for how much fabric to purchase for their size rug? I’m contemplating a living room runner or medium size rug. Ambitious/delusional, I know.

  5. 305

    I have wanted to make one of these rugs for a long time. Your directions are super easy to follow. thanks, your rug is beautiful. I to am a craft nut…

  6. 306
    Jean says:

    where did you get the strips of material from, I would love to make a rug like yours

  7. 307
    Ada Seale says:

    This looks like a neat project…thank you.,,,,Ada

  8. 308
    linda gillespie says:

    I would like to make a 8 x 10 rug for my living room. What kind of backing did you use? It appears to have larger holes and be sturdier then the non-skid rugs pads I see at the stores. Also did you just push each piece thru with your fingers or did you have a tool?

    • 308.1
      steph says:

      I would love to make this, but I am not sure about the backing. Where can I get ones with bigger holes?

      • Karen says:

        I was thinking about a living room sized rug, also. I was thinking maybe getting a manageable sized backing (with the regular sized holes or larger if I can find) and doing several independently, then using a large yarn needle, sew the backings together to make one large rug. I also like the idea of the other method mentioned by Theresa (sewing the strips to canvas). It would be easy enough to take a 2×2 or 3×3 piece of canvas and draw lines for a guide (similar to notebook paper) then sew the strips down and after completing 8-10 pieces, sew the canvas pieces together like a quilt top and make a rug that way. I would think (if you wanted) you could use Velcro/snaps to join the squares and that way when you are needing to wash the rug, you could separate the pieces and wash independently to avoid taking to a Laundromat or cleaners due to the size.

  9. 309
    Becky E says:

    If you wash this the pieces are just going to come out. Did you tie them in somehow? Otherwise it can never be washed.

  10. 310
    Theresa says:

    My Grandmother made these rug all the time. She used a canvas and sewed the stripes on to it .Much easier and will last a long time wash after wash.

  11. 311
    Jennifer says:

    Did you try a small crochet hook? I would think that would be much easier??

  12. 312
    JoAnn Freda says:

    Are the pieces tied to the rug mat in any way? It is hard to tell from the picture tutorial how they are attached. Your rug is beautiful. I want to make one for my granddaughter. Thanks. JoAnn

  13. 313
    Darla Koller says:

    Where would I find/buy the rug/matt backing??????

  14. 314
    Rosalind says:

    What are the care instructions for this rag rug?
    Thank you

  15. 315
    Vilimarika says:

    Thank you of this wonderful tutorial! I´d like get this kind of rug but it´s too expensive to buy it, so this is GREAT idea!

  16. 316
    Melanie says:

    Hi! I just wanted to say that I love this rug!!! Wonderful idea! I want to do the same thing for my baby’s room, but i wanted to know what is the best kind of fabric to realise it… What kind of fabric did you use??? Is there one kind better than an other?

    Thank you!

  17. 317
    Ann says:

    Rug looks very pretty. A little like the hook rug process, for that yarn is used.
    Is the rug washable?
    Happy crafting.

  18. 318

    wow. great

  19. 319
    Melissa says:

    Hi – I didn’t see how many yards of fabric you cut up for that particular size. 3′x4′? I’m about to purchase fabric for my daughter’s bedroom set, and would like to purchase a little extra for this super awesome project, but I don’t know how much to get. Help?!?

    • 319.1
      Melissa Dombrowski says:

      This project takes a LOT of fabric. I purchased 4 yards each of 3 different colors and ran out not even half way through. The rug I made was half the size of the one photographed here. My strips were about 1/2 inch wide and 7 inches long. It took a lot, but turned out awesome!

  20. 320
    Melissa Dombrowski says:

    I made a couple of these in a smaller size! I LOVE the way they turned out, but I have a couple pointers. First of all, I used a pinking shears when cutting the strips. Second, I used an ice pick, to push the strips through the mesh. It was much simpler. This project is VERY time consuming and tedious, but the result is great. Third tip, the project takes a LOT of fabric strips. Much, MUCH more than you would think. In my first attempt, I ran out of one of the colors, fortunately I was able to find a fabric very similar at a fabric store. The second rug I made, I wanted to be prepared so I bought 4 yards of 3 different colored fabrics. NOT ENOUGH! Yikes! I was unable to complete the rug because I have not been able to find one of the colors anywhere! I am working on a 3rd rug for my niece’s room and have had to run to the store 3 times for more fabric. My point… BUY A LOT!!! Good Luck!! :)

  21. 321
    Sonya says:

    Quick question, So after you loop the material thrust do you tie a not or double not??

  22. 322
    Bev vanderschoor says:

    Loved the concept

  23. 323
    jet says:

    Hi , thank you for the tute and the sharing of this rag rug. I have bought some of them, and soon they all losing their rags out of the basis. I have added a layer of latex , it helped.
    But still it’s not really solved. I have found a sewed one as well. but after a laundry it was to throw away.LOL
    I think i haven’t found the good solution just yet.LOL

  24. 324
    Billie trahin says:

    I am working on a rag rug and find it very relaxing. I have added ribbon to the mix. I didn’t pink my strips so they are very ” thready”. Is this undesirable? I have put a lot of time and energy in this project and want it to be worthwhile. No matter what, it is very pretty even if it is thready.

  25. 325
    Nancy jones says:

    Would like to know what kind of backing you used and do you tie the strings

  26. 326

    Love this!!!

  27. 327
    Beverly Thomas says:

    This reminds me of the latch hook rugs I made as a kid. Even though we used yarn for those, I bet you could use a latch hook for this project. Would make it sooo much faster and easier, I think. :) Beautiful rug, though, and love the colors. :)

  28. 328
    saw says:

    love the idea-but i learned the hard way that my thick-no skid mats are waaayyy to hard
    but i must say its using up all my leftover scrapes from yarn/ribbon and fabric ^^

  29. 329
    Annie Martin says:

    Wow… these always looked so complicated that I was intimidated by them… thank you for making it so simple! I think I’ll try to make one for my little girls room & maybe our front room!

  30. 330
    donna says:

    i want to make this rag rug but i cant find anywhere the backing needed for threading fabric through any idea please i live in tasmania aus

  31. 331
    Terri says:

    This is so beautiful, thanks for sharing.

  32. 332
    Corinne says:

    I love art and I love crafts. I especially love the rag rug…it is beautiful! So simple to make. Thank you for this idea and the know how. **Corinne**

  33. 333
    Ellen Wilson says:

    Really, Olivia? You’re correcting someone else’s comment? Did you proofread your own?

  34. 334
    Jess casey says:

    I.Love.This! My nursery is coral, grey and cream and I can’t find anything to match for a rug. I would need to make a 5×7. Two questions, how long did this one take you to make.? And how easy is it to clean?

  35. 335

    Encontré genial y preciosa tu alfombra y nos sirve para reciclar géneros de diferentes vestimentas….Gracias por la linda idea

  36. 336
    linda says:

    I have a new great grandchild coming in August this would look great in his/her room

  37. 337
    Cristal says:

    How many yards of fabric?

  38. 338
    kristene says:

    wowwww!!!!this is very cute.your daughter is precious sitting on that rug.i am going to use this process for my back porch.thanku for showing us

  39. 339
    Patt Meredith says:

    Couldn’t you use a rug hook to do this. If you are trying to do this without I can see why it took months to do…. just saying

  40. 340
    Ariana says:

    Where can you find that rug mat thing? and how much do you think it is?

  41. 341

    I have been using the hook you can use for the old yarn latch hook rugs. It works great!


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