Happy Valentine’s Day + $50 Hobby Lobby Giveaway!


I hope you have a wonderful day and let those closest to your heart, know how much they mean to you!

So today is actually my birthday. I know I know, I was a love baby haha! The most ironic thing about my birthday being on one of the biggest chocolate holidays ever, is I don’t like chocolate. Anyone else dislike chocolate? I’m just not a big fan of it. Weird, I know.

Ever since I started my blog 3.5 years ago, I have had a week long Birthday Bash celebration….Well, this year, being pregnant with my third and having more on my plate than I’ve had previously, I decided a quiet celebration was in order. Plus this birthday just might be my last one in the twenties, so I wanted to savor this birthday as much as possible!

But don’t worry, even though I’m not doing the Big Bash this year, I do have a little something planned for you today, keep reading! :)

Valentine’s Day Card

handmade valentine card

A couple weeks ago, I posted this picture of my Valentine’s Day card for Davis during the Silhouette giveaway. Well, I wanted to show a couple better pics since that one was super last minute and not so hot! AND I think the card deserved a better photo shoot! What do you think?

I used Silhouette’s new Double-sided Adhesive to make this card. LOVE the double sided adhesive! You can have so much fun with glitter, fine beads, and colored powders with it. Simply use your Silhouette CAMEO or PORTRAIT to cut the design in the double-sided adhesive, apply to your surface, then sprinkle on glitter. Too easy!

valentine card

Silhouette Discount Ends Today!

Today is the last day for Silhouette’s Double-sided adhesive Promotion, so if you want to try out this fun new Double-Sided adhesive medium or snag a PORTRAIT bundle, you’ll need to act fast!

Silhouette portrait discount



Want to help celebrate my birthday? Enter to win a $50 gift card to one of my favorite craft stores, Hobby Lobby! My treat :)

Hobby Lobby Gift Card Giveaway

hobby lobby giveaway

Use the giveaway widget or link below to enter to win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!

Happy V-day!



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Hi! I'm Linda, the craft addict behind Craftaholics Anonymous®, a craft blog. Crafting is cheaper than therapy, right? When not crafting, I can be found chasing my 2 small {but very energetic!} boys or playing with my new baby girl. Or shoe shopping... because you can never have too many shoes! Happy crafting! ♥

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  1. 551
    Aimee D.

    Our anniversary is right before valentines day so coming up with 2 romantic gifts in one week is tricky. This year my husband sent me roses at work.

  2. 552

    The most romantic was when I received a dozen purple roses after arguing with hubby then boyfriend. I still think about them because purple roses smell heavenly!

  3. 553
    Kayla H

    My most favorite gift was a white ty teddy bear that my husband (then boyfriend) sprayed with his cologne. :)

  4. 554

    My most memorable romantic Valentine’s gift was receiving a few red roses from a college boyfriend.

  5. 555
    Mindy Hammond

    The most romantic gift for valentine’s day would probably be music or craft supplies because it showed that my husband knows me well.

  6. 556

    I find the cards I receive more romantic than the gifts. This year I received chocolates and a gift certificate to my local scrapbook shop., which made me very happy.

  7. 557

    This is going to sound just a little silly, but two years ago, I was stuck in Okinawa, Japan with no family around and my husband was deployed. I really wasn’t expecting to get anything and was a bit sad! But apparently my hubby got in touch with our neighbor and friend and had him purchase flowers for me from him. It was really sweet of him and so unexpected that that’s really one of the most memorable Valentines I had!

  8. 558
    Darla Bunyan

    The best Valentines Day I have had with my hubby is our very first one. He actually turned his cell phone OFF for the whole day, took off work, and spent the entire day with me!

  9. 559
    Anjie B.

    I think THIS Valentine’s Day was the best. I didn’t get a physical gift but we had a MUCH needed date night ON Valentine’s Day and dessert in bed while watching one of our favorite shows once we got home. Very nice and chill.

  10. 561
    Bethany Becker

    My first Valentine’s Day with my now husband, he bought me a dozen roses. It was the first time I received a dozen roses.

  11. 562
    Jody s

    Can’t wait to try the drink recipe! Sounds delicious!
    I can’t say that I have received anything funny or romantic…….just the normal types of things. Flowers, jewelry and chocolate!

  12. 563
    Barbara Hooper

    I love what you have done to create a craft room. I hope I win the $50 gift certificate for Hobby Lobby. It’s one of my favorite stores.

  13. 565

    ONe year we forgot all about Valentines and went to a fast food burger joint!

  14. 566

    My hubby is a jewelry store manager, so we don’t celebrate Valentines very much. But every year he does get me the sweetest card!

  15. 567
    mang h.

    My husband got me a cute dog valentine card a couple of years ago. We always talk about getting a dog someday. He left it on my car seat and even named the paper dog Snowflake!

  16. 568
    Kari VanNoy

    Roses and a hand-made sign. I know this sounds sorta regular, but I was THRILLED!!

  17. 569
    Britt E

    Most romantic: A CD with a corresponding list full of songs and the reason why they make my hubby think of me and us. :)

  18. 570

    6 dozen roses, 2 dozen for each of my kiddos!

  19. 571

    a stuffed red devil from my hubby. Back then I collected weird stuffed animals the more different the better.

  20. 572
    S. Garcia

    My most memorable gift were concert tickets!

  21. 573

    we spent the week leading up to Valentine’s this year reconnecting. we’ve had crazy amounts of turmoil and stress over the last few months and it left us exhausted and distant from each other. so, so happy that is all fixed now – feels like we can take on anything because our bond is strong.

  22. 574
    Dezi A

    My husband and I don’t really do gifts – we celebrate by having a candlelight dinner with our 5 sons. This year he made a delicious dinner though (instead of me) so that was a fantastic gift. :)

  23. 575

    The funniest “gift” was a quartet serenade delivered at my office!!!

  24. 576
    Melissa S

    My husband wrote the most beautiful poem for me because he has a hard time putting things into words.

  25. 577

    My husband is deployed this Valentines Day. He left me a card to open with instructions inside telling me to treat myself to massage. And he pre-ordered flowers and had them sent to me! :)

  26. 578

    I <3 Hobby Lobby

  27. 579
    Heather Mayfield

    Roses at work.

  28. 580
    Jan Foselli

    My hubby buys me a dozen roses every year. I know he’s going to get them for me, but it’s still a surprise when they arrive!

  29. 581
    Sally P

    My best gifts are when my husband and daughters team up and we all celebrate together!!

  30. 582
    Krafty Kate

    My birthday is February 16th! Before I started dating my husband the only guy that didn’t dump me at the beginning of February was my husband’s best friend! Yes I married my ex boyfriend’s BFF! Well this guy came for our Valentine’s date with a pineapple. He said that flower’s die and pineapple’s grow- LAME!

  31. 583

    Among all of his romantic Valentine efforts, including flowers, chocolates and a date night, my hubby has a knack for giving me the funniest cards. This year was no exception and we are still laughing about it.

  32. 584

    The funniest Valentine’s gift I rec’d was a night shirt with big kissy lips all over it. Only thing was, I’m a medium and it was a 3X! Hubby swore he talked with the sales clerk and she helped him pick it out. To this day I wonder what picture of me he painted for her!!!

  33. 585
    Jami Cobb

    My hubby wrote me a love letter in calligraphy. He’s not a romantic type at all, so it was really special.

  34. 586

    My husband ordered me a huge fortune cookie with a silly personal message in it, and had it delivered to the school I was working at

  35. 587

    I think this year was the funniest. My husband works at a high school, and he brought home a cheesy red bear and some cheap chocolate that wasn’t picked up by the high school girls it was given to.

  36. 588
    Alyssa K.

    The standard flowers and chocolate – call me old fashioned!

  37. 590
    Sherri M

    Most memorable Valentine gift from my husband when we had only been married about three years, a ruby and diamond ring! It wasn’t expensive but it was thoughtful and beautiful. I loved it!

  38. 591
    Kimberly Pickett

    A few years ago my husband bought me a Nook for Valentine’s day. He completely surprised me (which he normally doesn’t do) and it was really sweet!

  39. 592

    In high school, one of my friends and I were both single on Valentine’s Day, so we made each other “Death Day” cards. They were basically V-day cards with X’s through all the hearts. It was definitely memorable :)

  40. 593

    homemade cards with love poems from my husband :)

  41. 594
    mary fanara coleman

    Most romantic was the Valentine’s weekend getaway that we spent in Niagara Falls.

  42. 595

    Great blog & happy belated birthday! We skip all the commercial stuff for Valentine’s day and just pick up sushi to have a relaxed night in. Love hobby lobby :)

  43. 596
    Arletta Freeze

    Most Romantic was the Valentine’s Day my husband proposed. He even got down on his knee!! So sweet!

  44. 597
    Julie Anne

    I laid not-so-subtle hints this year that I wanted a long black necklace for V day this year… And I got one! #myhusbandrocks

  45. 598
    Malena Garcia

    The funniest & most romantic gift my husband ever gave me was a build-a-bear red hello kitty. He knew that I thought they were too cute so he snuck off to the mall & got me one. Picturing my 6′ 3″ husband standing there doing all the rituals that the workers make you do so your animal will be happy & loving before they stuffed her… Makes me smile every time I look at her. :-)

  46. 599

    I love Hobby Lobby! Exciting giveaway.

    1. 599.1

      forgot to add that I have had many gifts over the years, not that I am THAT old, but I think one of the funniest was from my late husband. Our son was a little over a year old and would always climb in bed with us. My husband made a card (we had no money for a gift as he was a seminary student and I a stay at home mom). His card was hand drawn and said “to the only woman who can sleep with two men at the same time”. Now that is not funny but way back then the world was not the way it was then.

  47. 600
    Chris Baker Cox

    After we first got married, my husband bought me flowers…which he never does…and made me a fantastic dinner. It was very out of character for him, which made it even more special.