Crafting Organization Week: Craft Desk + FAB Giveaway!

craft organizationHappy Monday, friends! And Welcome to the Crafting Organization Week here on Craftaholics Anonymous®! This week I am going to focus on sharing ideas, tips, tricks, and products that can help you tame your craft room, craft desk, craft nook, or craft closet! With spring cleaning in the air {or maybe the nesting bug just bit me! haha}, I thought now would be a good time to tackle this topic.

First, I’m going to talk about one of my favorite organization products from The Original Scrapbox, and then I’m going to share a round up of links for different articles on organizing different supplies, such as ribbon, fabric, etc. AND THEN, there will be a GIVEAWAY at the bottom!! So keep reading!

Craft Desk: EZ View Desk by The Original Scrapbox 

craft room

One of the first items I would recommend when putting together a crafting space, is a craft desk. A work space where you can spread out and CRAFT!! I love the EZ View desk in my craft room because it holds SO much stuff! It has bins and drawers to hold and organize loads of crafting supplies. Plus it has a fantastic working space on top. I think the size of the work space is good. Its not too big {I can reach all of it while sitting down} and its not too little {I can spread my supplies out while I work}.

The bottom of the EZ View desk is interchangeable so you can get the shelves and bins {like what I have}, a shelf, file drawer, or drawers. That way you can design a craft desk that fits your crafting needs. I also got the extra set of drawers for my desk. This makes my desk a little higher and gives more storage. The height makes it easy to stand and craft at and it doesn’t hurt my back. {I know sometimes I’m in a hurry and don’t have time to sit down, so rather than hurt my beck bending over while I craft, this higher working station is perfect!

I will also point out my crib spring turned inspiration board in the corner. I simply took an old crib spring, spray painted it turquoise and hung it on the wall with nails and wire. Now I use clothespins to hand pictures and tidbits of inspiration.  

But the best feature of this craft desk is…..

The See Through Top! 

craft desk

I can see all the supplies stored in the top drawers of my EZ View desk! I like to put my most used supplies in the top {yes, I use Washi tape all the time!! hehe}

washi tape

I love looking at my colorful collection of washi tape through the top of the desk. I love to organize my supplies by color usually. Because I usually go to my stash of ribbon, fabric, or washi tape, I’m looking for a color. That’s my preference. I know other crafters have a different system that works for them, so find what works best for you and stick with it! If you decide that organizing by size or another characteristic works better for you, that’s awesome! Go for it!

craft desk

You can see a couple of my bins are almost overflowing….that’s one of my scrap fabric stashes :) Notice that I upholstered my stools so they’re softer on the tushy. A must for any craft marathon! haha Did you see my $3 chandelier that I got at the Habitat for Humanity’s Restore up there? A simple coat of sunny yellow paint and its the cherry on top for my craft room! Love a good, simple makeover like that! Look for small things like that for your craft space that you can add a little spray paint or a simple makeover to add some personality and jazz ! You will find that those small details matter and take a space from okay to AWESOME!

Want to see more of my craft room, take the tour here or watch the video tour!

More Article on Craft Room Organization

Here is a fantastic list of 7 articles full of ideas and ways to store different crafting supplies. Lots of stellar ideas in each of these articles!

craft supply storage

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>>>>>  The Original Scrapbox Giveaway!  <<<<<


One lucky reader will win a WorkTop by The Original Scrapbox! valued at $195! {check out the desk I made using a WorkTop and old bed posts!} To enter, use the widget below. {if you’re reading this in your email, please click over to enter}

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck! The lucky winner will be emailed and announced on the Giveaway Winners page at the end of the giveaway!

Stop by tomorrow for the mother load of all craft room tours! I’m not even kidding! So many craft rooms in one place. It. will. blow. your. mind!!!

happy crafting,


I received free product to try. I was in no way obligated to give a good review. Please see mydisclosure page for a complete statement.



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  1. 401

    I love how you’ve organized your craft room! The fabric storage is so pretty! My favorite storage is probably re-purposing things for storage, like mason jars and tin cans!

  2. 402

    Love the mason jars on the wall idea

  3. 403

    For my beads and little supplies I love the Plano tackle boxes…

  4. 404
    Katrinia Monroe

    My favorite craft organization trick is using a pants hanger to put rolls of ribbon on. I would love to win this to continue to organize my crafting supplies. Thank you for this opportunity.

  5. 405
    Bernice J

    My favourite organization tip?…well, I could actually use some help with my system of organization! I do have a few that work well, though. I keep all of my buttons and small embellishments in canning jars that I have placed in a rack on my wall. That keeps my space clear, all the small stuff corralled and it looks so pretty too!

  6. 406

    Love your craft room, no comparison to the little area I have in our basement

  7. 407
    Sheena B

    I would have to say my favourite organization tip is to use CD cases lined with magnetic paper to store my Spellbinders dies. Great way to keep them in place and tidy.

  8. 408

    I would love to win this! It makes all the fun craft stuff look so pretty.

  9. 409

    you have a beautiful craft room. love all your storage solutions. I recently moved and am trying to find a spot that will work for my crafting space.

  10. 410
    Heather P.

    This would be so awesome to win! My favorite organizational tip is color-coding! I’m a little OCD .. but you can always find what you want much easier. :)

  11. 411

    Never count out the simplest way to organize, which is individual containers or bags. I love the plastic storage containers with multiple compartments, so that I can organize my beads and findings.

  12. 413
    Melanie Edwards

    Boy am I impressed with your craft room, I cannot seem to keep mine organized.

  13. 414

    I use a laundry drying rack for my tissue paper.

  14. 415

    I have small room as my craft room. So your organizing desks and all others are great. Love looking at new ideas.

  15. 416
    Samantha Burns

    I love your craftroom! So organized! A girl can dream… :)

  16. 417
    Carol Titus

    I’d LOVE one of these..

  17. 418

    I store all of my eyelets, brads, etc in see through mini containers.

  18. 419

    These units are absolutely beautiful. Functionality and attractiveness make pieces like this a true crafters delight. I would be thrilled to include this topper in my dream studio. I hope to have a space that will function as my studio/shop so I can invite customers to sit and watch as designs are created and fashioned, especially for custom work. How cool would that be?!!!

  19. 420
    Cindy R

    I love your craft room, the desk top would give me so much organization for my embroidery supplies.

  20. 421
    Angel Estes

    I removed the large canvas container from one shelf in my CraftBox and put a lazy susan (found it at Bed, Bath and Beyond) on the shelf. Now I can see all my ink pads – even the ones in the back – just by turning the lazy susan. I love it!!

  21. 422

    I can not wait to have the space to have ALL of your stuff….. only another year until the young one goes to college! LOL

  22. 423
    Diane Haning

    We just moved to a new house and I finally got somewhere to make into my craft room. No more having to pick everything up just to have dinner. I have a room that is 24’x24′. It has windows on one side that are low. Great for light bad for storage. I am using 2 long skinny shelves turned on there side. I can store things in them and a padded top to use as extra seating or extra storeage.

  23. 424
    Mandy Bealer

    This is an amazing craft room! I would love to have that system and to be organized like that! I love the fabric storage on the wall and the clear tablet top.

  24. 425
    Carrie Botto

    Jars…lots and lots of jars!

  25. 426
    Linda Renner

    Love this.. ty for a chance to win

  26. 427
    Margaret Schindler

    I would love to have all my items so that I could see them. Your room is such an inspiration to me Thanks for the chance to win such a wonderful prize

  27. 428

    This is an awesome give away! I have a workbox and would love to add this to it!! Thanks!

  28. 429
    Chris Baker Cox

    I have a room for all of my crafting supplies. I have always had a problem with storing paper. So, I took a plastic tote and some 2 gallon, 1 gallon, and quart size Ziploc bags and sorted my paper by color family. It isn’t fancy, but it works for me. Plus, it was an inexpensive way to organize.

  29. 430
    Sandy Bayles

    I am always looking for storage solutions. I put emblishments in storage boxes (plastic) by the Holidays and Season’s…Thanks for a chance to win…. Good Luck to everyone!

  30. 431

    Have a place for everything…and put everything back in its place! I love labels, notes, and organizational ideas….thanks for your post.

  31. 432

    I just commented here, but the rafflecopter isn’t taking my log in because it seems it’s only Facebook generated. :(

    1. 432.1

      sorry….the email entry just popped up. i was able to enter.

  32. 433
    Judy Cromwell

    I so envy your organizational skills, If I’m fortunate enough to win, I have just the spot for it, Or I might use your suggestion of the table legs, Thanks for the opportunity to try.

  33. 434
    Linda H.

    I had lots of shoeboxes and that’s what I am using to store most of my crafting supplies. I just put a label on the box and store them on the shelf with the label facing out. Works great!

  34. 435
    elizabeth normandin

    I hope someday to have an awesome craft room like yours!! Thanks for the giveaway chance. Beth N.

  35. 436

    LOVE these so pretty and functional! My favorite organization trick is see through bins…easy to find everything and motivation to keep things neat inside their bin.

  36. 437

    I LOVE the WorkTop! And love how you turned it into a desk, so clever!

  37. 438

    Designing a craft space now, this would be such a cool addition!

  38. 439
    Toni Lampman

    I would love to have one of these. I am always looking for my supplies since I have no designated spot. This would be an awesome start.

  39. 440
    Angie Bailey

    I have been dreaming of all things Scrapbox for so long now… One day, this princess will turn her dream into a fairy tale come true!

  40. 441

    I love to separate my crafts and supplies in separate plastic dishes. I would love to win this.

  41. 442
    Virginia Cardona

    I planning to move to a bigger apartment, because I need more space for my crafts lol,this will definitely help me with the storage <3

  42. 443

    I love the rolling carts with storage drawers – I can roll them to wherever I need them for my projects.

  43. 444

    I thourghly enjoy crafting and scrapbooking. Thanks for the chance to win. Velda

  44. 445

    I would love the chance to win, something to organize my crafts with. Thanks for the chance.

  45. 446
    Carmela Aranda

    I converted my daughters changing table with drawers into a storage drawer for my stamps!

  46. 447
    Debbie Craine

    I love the scrap rack way of organizing or at least I would if I could ever get my craft room set up correctly. Right now I’m like a turtle slowly but surely buying the needed cubes and desktops from Michale’s to get organized would love to have one of the Original Scrapboxe’s but the pocket book Screams painfully when i think too hard about one.

  47. 448
    Sue FitzGerald

    These look awesome

  48. 449
    Leah K.

    I often repurpose baby wipe containers. I label them with tape and a sharpie so that I can easily change the label if I decide to use it for a different supply. I also use photo storage boxes to store supplies because they can be left out in the open and look nice.

  49. 450

    I store my ink pads in an old wooden cassette tape rack- they fit beautifully.