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22 Organizing and Storage Ideas for small craft rooms and spaces!

Ada’s Craft Closet Tour

Ada is here today to show off her craft closet makeover. Enjoy! -Linda craft closet Ada's Craft Closet 1My name is Ada George and I live in Chicago, Illinois with my husband and two stepchildren. I am an obstetrics nurse by trade, but I have a passion for crafting.




Craft Closet Makeover

craft closet

When we moved into our home, I had designated a small room in the basement as my “craft room” but it had no windows, no light and it felt very uninspiring. All I was able to do was store all my things haphazardly in boxes in that space.

crafting spaces for kids

One day, I was cleaning my step daughter’s room (which she normally does herself but I will occasionally step in and do a deep cleaning) I noticed that her closet was in total disarray and wasn’t really being utilized.  I asked her how she felt about using her closet as our craft space and she agreed!

craft room oranization

I  pulled out my “hope chest” with all of the craft organization items that i had previously purchased then I went to the hardware store and picked up two small shelving units and a shelf and our craft closet was born!

crafting closet

craft closet

There is a ton of natural light, all my things have their place, I can keep up with what I have and my step daughter gets to enjoy it as well!

Great way to utilize such a small space, Ada! Thanks for sharing! -Linda

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    Noel Woods says:

    What a fantastic makeover. Inspiration for all those small and underutilized spaces in my home!